Teachers (A 10-Line Poem)

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I believe this activity is especially suited for the celebration of Teachers’ Day. For most Filipino-Chinese schools in the Philippines, that’s celebrated in September, to coincide with the birthday of Confucius, who is considered a great teacher.

Anyway, I’m sharing this work that I did on a 10-line poem or essay if it can qualify as such about “Teachers.”


Here’s the original activity:

Line 1     Teachers

Line 2    Two words synonymous to teachers

Line 3    Three words telling teachers about their roles

Line 4    Four words describing ideal teachers

Line 5    Five words describing teachers’ work place

Line 6    Six words telling about teachers’ contribution in the community

Line 7      Seven words telling how much you appreciate teachers

Line 8     Eight words telling about your wish for teachers

Line 9     Nine words describing sacrifices of teachers

Line 10   Ten words expressing your gratitude to teachers


Here’s my output. (You are welcome to use this for free but please include the link to this website in case you do.)


Educator, adviser

Inspiring other people

Patient, understanding, compassionate, generous

Fun-filled and organized learning place

Helping improve literacy in the community

I am thankful to all my teachers

I wish them good health and long lives

Putting up with low salary and all difficult students

Thank you to all our dearest teachers for teaching us.

by: Rosyel Sawali a.k.a. iamraincrystal


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