[Book Review] The Mixed-Up Chameleon

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The Chameleon

The chameleon is indeed one fascinating creature. It’s the first creature that comes to my mind when you talk about camouflage. It is truly interesting in its ability to adapt to its environment. Don’t you also sometimes wish we can change colors when we want to hide from others?

Apparently, chameleons change colors according to temperature and emotions. They tend to show darker colors when angered. I guess this ability to change colors is one of the reasons why the chameleon makes an interesting protagonist in this story book called “The Mixed-Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle.

If you haven’t read it, I recommend that you do. I’ve read the book to my daughter and to a few other children over the years, and they all loved the book. Plus, it teaches a valuable lesson in knowing oneself and liking who you are.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon

I recommend this book. This is a good book to teach children about the chameleon, about colors and different body parts of animals. It’s a wonderful story about the chameleon who wanted to be everything, but ends up realizing that it is perfect as it is. Indeed such a good lesson to learn.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon on YouTube

About Eric Carle

Eric Carle is a children’s book author and illustrator who has illustrated over 70 books. Many of his books are bestsellers, including the most famous The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Visit Amazon’s Eric Carle page for more about him and his works. Also, check out his other books below.

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[Book Review] Geronimo Stilton’s The Kingdom of Fantasy

Geronimo Stilton

I have always loved books, esp. children’s books. I have quite a few in my collection. I’ve used them a lot when I was still teaching in a regular classroom. I’ve been introduced to the Geronimo Stilton books some years back. The series is fun to read and collect. My daughter has some of the books in her collection. She’s now a teenager so her choices of books have gone on to the young adult category. My niece, on the other hand, collects Geronimo Stilton books now. It’s her book that I was able to borrow and read during the summer while I was recuperating from my surgery.

The Kingdom of Fantasy is Geronimo Stilton’s adventure book. It’s suited for longer reading than the original series books. Nonetheless, this new set of adventure books holds much more fun and excitement. Join me in entering the Kingdom of Fantasy.

Plot Summary

Geronimo Stilton is back with more adventures in this special edition book titled “The Kingdom of Fantasy.”

Here’s a little backgrounder, in case you’re not familiar with Geronimo Stilton. He runs a newspaper called The Rodent’s Gazette and he is from Mouse Island.He has a younger sister named Thea Stilton, who now has her own adventure stories too, a cousin named Trap Stilton, and a nine-year-old nephew, Benjamin Stilton. He’s typically a nervous kind of mouse and does not like a lot of adventures. It’s pretty ironic because he always gets involved in one.

To date, there are 53 titles in the Geronimo Stilton series, 12 titles in the graphic novels, some special edition books, as well as 14 titles in the Thea Stilton series (and counting…).

The Kingdom of Fantasy

The story started on the morning of June 21st. Geronimo Stilton was having such a bad day when he found a glittering crystal music box in the attic. It had seven precious stones set on its sides: ruby, topaz, citrine, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and a diamond at the very top. Then he found a golden key and climbed the stairway made of golden dust. His adventure started when he entered the golden door. I won’t go into details so as not to spoil the excitement of reading this adventure book.Just know that Geronimo Stilton was brought into the magical world for a special mission — to save the Queen of the Fairies.

Travel through this fantastic world with Geronimo Stilton as he battles enemies and monsters and meets new friends around the seven kingdoms: witches, mermaids, dragons, pixies, gnomes, giants, and fairies.

Sit back, relax, and have a good read!


The main character in The Kingdom of Fantasy is naturally Geronimo Stilton — seen as the knight in shining armor to save the Queen of the Fairies. He is actually an unlikely hero as he is usually nervous and scared. Still, he manages to accomplish his mission at the end of the day.

Then, there is Scribblehopper — the Literary Frog who becomes Geronimo’s official guide in his adventure through the Kingdom of Fantasy.

The other members of the Order of the Fairy Queen:
Shelly — a wise, generous turtle and the guide through the Kingdom of the Mermaids

Princess Scatterbrain — granddaughter of the Dragon King and is the guide through the Kingdom of the Dragons

Trick — a pixie who was ordered by their King to be the guide through the Kingdom of the Pixies; mischievous and playful

Factual — the wise and kind King of the Gnomes

Cozy — the Queen of the Gnomes

Giant — the giant with no name who is the guide through the Kingdom of the Giants

Blinkette — Geronimo’s guide through the Kingdom of the Fairies

The Villain
Queen Cackle — Queen of the Kingdom of the Witches

There are other minor characters who appeared when Geronimo Stilton was at each of the kingdoms.


The book began at the office of The Rodent’s Gazette. Then moved on to Geronimo Stilton’s house. It was at his attic where he was introduced to a new world — The Kingdom of Fantasy.

From the sound of the name, you already know that this is going to be a magical world, one that is filled with fun and adventure. As you read on, you will be taken from one fantasy world to another.

There was the Kingdom of the Witches that Geronimo described as a nightmarish land. Travel to a world filled with black swamp, moldy mountain, and nightmare forest. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

A well-drawn and detailed map was included for each kingdom.(Awesome!)

The Kingdom of the Mermaids has an enchanted lagoon with deep blue water. There’s the rose-colored coral castle, blackbeard’s ship, and the chorus of a thousand mermaids.

The Kingdom of the Dragons is full of smoke! There’s the river of fiery lava, mount thunder, and the castle Dragonaire.

The Kingdom of the Pixies is refreshing with the green color of fresh grass. Geronimo and his friends almost got lost in the green labyrinth. No doubt this was the most mischievous world. Geronimo was subjected to riddles, optical illusions, and tongue twisters.

The Kingdom of the Gnomes has beautiful trees and colors. The King and the Queen made Geronimo and his friends feel welcome with delicious home-cooked meals courtesy of Queen Cozy.

The Kingdom of the Giants was covered with ice, the land of never-ending snowflakes. It was home to the last of the giants.

Finally, the beautiful and magical Kingdom of the Fairies where Geronimo is to rescue Queen Blossom. There was the rose with a thousand petals, the fountain of youth, the valley of the blue unicorns, and sleeping Queen, which kind of remind me of Sleeping Beauty. LOL!

Another putrid world was also featured. It was the abode of the Trolls who smelled horribly and disgustingly. Eeew indeed!


Overall, the book was teeming with graphical descriptions of the magical kingdoms. It was fun-filled and truly enjoyable to read. I felt like a kid once again, wanting to read more and more.

I love the way colors, gems, and even metals were used to differentiate each Kingdom. Plus, there’s a brief story for each one. There’s a full map of each of the Kingdom that it might have taken a long time before you could actually explore each of the places.

There are even short stories woven into the entire story. There’s the Myth of Arachne, The Little Mermaid, The Princess of the Dragons, and many more. These short stories were found within the stories of each of the Kingdoms.

The book even used a Fantasian Alphabet. It was some form of decipher codes. I remember the games we used to play as kids.

Finally, it was a story with a feel-good ending, of good winning over evil, and another bestseller for our friend Geronimo Stilton.

I highly recommend the book if you are a fan of adventure books. The good things about Geronimo Stilton books are that they’re not only teeming with action and excitement but also filled with attractive graphics on each and every page.

Don’t miss out on this great adventure book! Grab your copy today! ^_^

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The Filipino Alphabet

If you’re interested in learning the Filipino language, then it is noteworthy to learn more about the Filipino alphabet. Yes, there is a Filipino alphabet.

This was my first lens for the Rocket Squids Bootcamp. I’m now moving this post from Squidoo to my blog. The weekly challenge said to create a lens for a word that starts with the letter “A.” What could be more basic than the Alphabet? Then I thought that I would make it a bit more interesting by adding a cultural flair to it. Join me in learning more about the Filipino Alphabet.

Evolution of the Filipino Alphabet

When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines in the 16th century, the natives had their own alphabet called the Alibata or Baybayin (see photo) which consists of 14 consonants and 3 vowels. The Spaniards replaced this with the Roman alphabet.

Baybayin alpha

Tagalog was proclaimed the national language of the Philippines in 1937. In his 1940 book entitled Balarila ng Wikang Pambansa, author Lope K. Santos officially introduced 20 letters. (a b k d e g h i I m n ng o p r s t u w y) This was adopted by the National Language Institute of the Philippines in 1973. The alphabet was then called “Abakada” for the letters were pronounced with the letter “a” at the end, i.e. ba, ka, da, and so on.

From 1961 to 1987, Tagalog was known as Pilipino. The alphabet was expanded in 1976 to include the letters C, CH, F, J, Q, RR, V, X, and Z in order to accommodate words of Spanish and English origin. The Pilipino alphabet consisted of 31 letters – the 26 letters of the English alphabet, the Spanish ñ, ll, rr, and ch, and the ng of Tagalog.

In 1987 when Pilipino was renamed Filipino, the alphabet was reduced to 28 letters (Ch, Rr, and Ll were removed.) The modern Filipino alphabet now has 28 letters that include 21 letters from the original “Abakada” and 8 borrowed letters from foreign origin (namely C, F, J, Ñ, Q, V, X and Z).

ABAKADA (with lyrics)
The old alphabet

Translation of some of the Filipino texts:

“Tayo na at mag-aral ng ating A-Ba-Ka-Da” –
Let us learn our alphabet

“Ang ating A-Ba-Ka-Da” –
our alphabet

“Kung ito’y alam n’yo na, tayo na at kumanta” –
If you already know it, let us sing it together

The Filipino Alphabet (song)

Translation of some of the Filipino texts:

“Alpabetong Pilipino” – Filipino Alphabet

“Ulitin natin ito” – Let’s repeat this

You can also learn ABaKaDa on your Android device. These flashcards from Rena Interactive make learning the Filipino Alphabet fun. 20 letters with pictures that your kids can doodle on. Plus, it aids kids and adults in identification and pronunciation of the Filipino Alphabet.

I hope this post will help you in your journey in learning a new language.

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My Journey Begins

I started this site to share my journey of being a parent and a teacher. I honestly can’t remember when I developed a passion for teaching children. What I know is that I was having some challenges in helping my then preschool age daughter learn how to read and write. Back then I didn’t know what to do.

I even had to enroll her in a reading program just to help her out. Honestly, I don’t think that program was even effective.

Many years down the line, with an added Certificate in Teaching and graduate studies on Early Childhood Education, I realized that I could actually teach children how to read. Yes, I’m not trying to blow my own horn, but I have worked with a few children in the past and up to the present. I’m happy to say that I have helped quite a few of them read and have fun doing it. 😀 One thing for sure, my journey isn’t over although my daughter is now a teenager. On the contrary, my journey has just begun…

I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

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