Another Proud Tutor Moment

A year has passed since I posted about being proud of one of my tutees. Yes, he’s the kid who graduated from kindergarten and who’s recently completed his first grade. He’s still on top of his class so I’m proud of him. This time around, he has taken the proud moment up another notch.

Since the beginning of the last school year, he joined a special math camp designed for children with good mathematical skills, MTG Phils. It’s a series of training and testing until the end of the school year, when he received a letter inviting him to join the four days in-house intensive training program to be held in Tagaytay.

2014 MTG YMIITP banner
during the opening program

That was actually over a week ago. One of the perks of my job was that I got to go with him and his mom during the training. Awesome huh?

Sunrise Holiday Mansion Tagaytay
Sunrise Holiday Mansion

So there we were at the Sunrise Holiday Mansion from April 1 – 4. Mind you, it wasn’t easy. We almost got lost on the way there. (Hey, I didn’t know the driver didn’t really know his way around.) We had to go through Talisay, Batangas then around to get to the main Tagaytay highway. Just the same, I was glad when we got to the venue.

MTG Phils. EVP
The EVP talks about MTG Phils. and its goals and objectives.

We had to fall in line as there were lots of participants who got there ahead of us. Plus, we needed to register and wait till we could get a room assignment. It turned out to be a big group — over 105 participants … add the number of parents and/or guardians to that.

MTG Phils. participants
Tondo Center participants

The schedule of the children in training was pretty packed. It left a little room for them to play around. Parents and/or guardians get the time off when the kids are in training. We did a little reviewing during the study/rest hours so my tutee would do well during the quizzes and the final exam.

2014 MTG YMIITP certificate of attendance
Chester receives his certificate of attendance.

During the closing program, the children were dressed in their respective school uniforms. Everyone received his/her certificate of attendance. Then we had to wait for the announcement of who will be chosen as qualifiers for the international competitions to be held in Hong Kong some time June or July this year.

2014 MTG YMIITP international competition qualifier
Chester & his mom as he receives recognition as one of the qualifiers to compete in HK.

At last, my tutee was one of the qualifiers for the international competition! I’m sure his mom is so proud of him! I’m quite glad too. After all, it’s not every day that I get to enjoy an all-expense paid work/vacation to Tagaytay. Who knows? Maybe I will get to join him when he competes in HK soon. Until then… stay tuned for my updates!

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