[Book Review] Who Moved My Cheese?

who moved my cheese?

What’s Your Cheese?

Different people react to change differently. Some find it good. Some abhor it. The reaction is pretty much the same when you read the reviews of the different people who have read the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. I came by the book several years ago, when I still worked in the corporate world.

I did occupy several management positions in the past, but my heart is where it is right now. Anyway, that time I was into reading management books I could lay my hands on. I did want to be the best manager I could be. That’s when I encountered “One Minute Manager.” It was co-written by Spencer Johnson too.

I liked that book so I thought I’d check out “Who Moved My Cheese?” True enough, I enjoyed the book. It’s actually a short and simple book that you can read in one sitting. The message of the book stayed with me though. So much that it’s the first book that came to mind when this nonfiction quest on Squidoo came about.

I highly recommend “Who Moved My Cheese?” I find this to be a good book. Sure, we all know that change is constant. But how do you react to change? Do you welcome it at first glance? Or are you like most who reject it right away? The book is a great metaphor for what we seek most in life (cheese), how we center our life on it, and what happens when we wake up one day to find it gone. It’s great to read and re-read the book.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary & Synopsis Video

Here’s a summary and synopsis for those who have a little more time. It’s indeed worth checking out.

Who Moved My Cheese? Preview Movie (Red Tree)

Check out this movie version.

Take a look at how you view change and read the book in order to make a difference today!

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