My Journey Begins

I started this site to share my journey of being a parent and a teacher. I honestly can’t remember when I developed a passion for teaching children. What I know is that I was having some challenges in helping my then preschool age daughter learn how to read and write. Back then I didn’t know what to do.

I even had to enroll her in a reading program just to help her out. Honestly, I don’t think that program was even effective.

Many years down the line, with an added Certificate in Teaching and graduate studies on Early Childhood Education, I realized that I could actually teach children how to read. Yes, I’m not trying to blow my own horn, but I have worked with a few children in the past and up to the present. I’m happy to say that I have helped quite a few of them read and have fun doing it. ūüėÄ One thing for sure, my journey isn’t over although my daughter is now a teenager. On the contrary, my journey has just begun…

I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

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Teachers (A 10-Line Poem)

Día del trabajador (8684769226)


I believe this activity is especially suited for the celebration of Teachers’ Day. For most Filipino-Chinese schools in the Philippines, that’s celebrated in September, to coincide with the birthday of Confucius, who is considered a great teacher.

Anyway, I’m sharing this work that I did on a 10-line poem or essay if it can qualify as such about “Teachers.”


Here’s the original activity:

Line 1     Teachers

Line 2    Two words synonymous to teachers

Line 3    Three words telling teachers about their roles

Line 4    Four words describing ideal teachers

Line 5 ¬† ¬†Five words describing teachers’ work place

Line 6 ¬† ¬†Six words telling about teachers’ contribution in the community

Line 7      Seven words telling how much you appreciate teachers

Line 8     Eight words telling about your wish for teachers

Line 9     Nine words describing sacrifices of teachers

Line 10   Ten words expressing your gratitude to teachers


Here’s my output. (You are welcome to use this for free but please include the link to this website in case you do.)


Educator, adviser

Inspiring other people

Patient, understanding, compassionate, generous

Fun-filled and organized learning place

Helping improve literacy in the community

I am thankful to all my teachers

I wish them good health and long lives

Putting up with low salary and all difficult students

Thank you to all our dearest teachers for teaching us.

by: Rosyel Sawali a.k.a. iamraincrystal


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Another Proud Tutor Moment

A year has passed since I posted about being proud of one of my tutees. Yes, he’s the kid who graduated from kindergarten and who’s recently completed his first grade. He’s still on top of his class so I’m proud of him. This time around, he has taken the proud moment up another notch.

Since the beginning of the last school year, he joined a special math camp designed for children with good mathematical skills, MTG Phils. It’s a series of training and testing until the end of the school year, when he received a letter inviting him to join the four days in-house intensive training program to be held in Tagaytay.

2014 MTG YMIITP banner
during the opening program

That was actually over a week ago. One of the perks of my job was that I got to go with him and his mom during the training. Awesome huh?

Sunrise Holiday Mansion Tagaytay
Sunrise Holiday Mansion

So there we were at the Sunrise Holiday Mansion from April 1 – 4. Mind you, it wasn’t easy. We almost got lost on the way there. (Hey, I didn’t know the driver didn’t really know his way around.) We had to go through Talisay, Batangas then around to get to the main Tagaytay highway. Just the same, I was glad when we got to the venue.

MTG Phils. EVP
The EVP talks about MTG Phils. and its goals and objectives.

We had to fall in line as there were lots of participants who got there ahead of us. Plus, we needed to register and wait till we could get a room assignment. It turned out to be a big group — over 105 participants … add the number of parents and/or guardians to that.

MTG Phils. participants
Tondo Center participants

The schedule of the children in training was pretty packed. It left a little room for them to play around. Parents and/or guardians get the time off when the kids are in training. We did a little reviewing during the study/rest hours so my tutee would do well during the quizzes and the final exam.

2014 MTG YMIITP certificate of attendance
Chester receives his certificate of attendance.

During the closing program, the children were dressed in their respective school uniforms. Everyone received his/her certificate of attendance. Then we had to wait for the announcement of who will be chosen as qualifiers for the international competitions to be held in Hong Kong some time June or July this year.

2014 MTG YMIITP international competition qualifier
Chester & his mom as he receives recognition as one of the qualifiers to compete in HK.

At last, my tutee was one of the qualifiers for the international competition! I’m sure his mom is so proud of him! I’m quite glad too. After all, it’s not every day that I get to enjoy an all-expense paid work/vacation to Tagaytay. Who knows? Maybe I will get to join him when he competes in HK soon. Until then… stay tuned for my updates!

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[Back to School Tips] Basic Supplies Every Student Needs at Home

Paper notebooks

Back to School Jitters

I must have been pretty geeky since I was a kid, because I’ve always remembered looking forward to each new school year. I mean summer vacation is fantastic. Plus you can always stay up late and not worry about getting up early the next day. Yet somehow I love the feeling of welcoming back school. It’s not so much that I want to see demanding teachers and do odd homework, but I find the idea of having new books and school supplies really exciting. In fact, it’s something I look forward to every time. So before all the chaos sets in, here is a guide to what your school supplies shopping list should include.

Top 10 School Supplies You Need at Home

Item #1 : Packs of Short and Long Bond Paper

Have you ever felt the feeling of panic when you need some school supplies and found out that you’ve run out, just when all the stores have closed? I’m pretty sure that’s not a nice feeling. You can avoid the “I-need-it-when-I-don’t-have-it” syndrome by planning ahead. Have enough stocks of these supplies so you’re guaranteed to have what you need for that important report or presentation.

Item #2 : Extra Ink Cartridges for the Printer

I’m sure that one of the last things you want is to be in the middle of printing a report, only to find out that you’re out of ink! Uh-oh! That can be pretty frustrating, so plan ahead and stock up a bit on ink cartridges.

Item #3 : Adhesives such as tape and glue

If there is one lesson I’ve learned from my late dad, it’s to always be ready for the unexpected. In simple terms here, it means having on hand what you need. We’ve never run out of scotch tape as far as I remembered. While I was growing up, my dad was pretty much well organized and we never had to have the feeling of panic of being out of supply.

Item #4 : Extra Blank CDs

Time was when I had a box of floppy disks on hand. Do you remember them? Nowadays, they’re probably non-existent! Extra blank CDs are especially handy for school presentations. I know it’s the era of the USB flash drives, and they are sometimes used in placed of CDs. Just make sure you have whatever you need on hand.

Item #5 : A Box of Staple Wire

Staplers are a regular part of household and office supplies. You may need to stock up on some staple wires too. Common sizes for the home and office staple wires include: 26/6, 24/6, 24/8, 13/6, 13/8 and No.10 for mini staplers. Running out of staple wires is a petty yet annoying thing.

Item #6 : 2 or 3 Packs of Art Paper or Posterboard

Depending on the student’s level in school, most would need some art papers, construction papers, or posterboards, such as the ones in the photos. Most preschoolers and elementary students also need crayons and/or markers. Middle and high school students may need illustration boards, posterboards, or Manila paper.

Item #7 : Correction Fluid or Correction Tape

Correction fluid is handy. It comes in various forms: correction fluid bottle, correction tape, or even correction pens. Some popular brands include: Liquid Paper and Wite-Out (US, Canada, Australia, Brazil), Tipp-Ex (Europe), Twink (New Zealand), Snopake, White Away, Pentel correction pen, Edigs.

Item #8 : Extra Ballpens and Pencils

I’m glad this is part of the list. One of my pet peeves is if someone tries to borrow my favorite pen. I don’t know why but my pens have always been that special to me. If you’re a student, there’s no excuse for not having loads of pens and/or pencils. These days colorful gel pens are also fashionable.

Item #9 : Writing Pads

Writing pads are part of a student’s life. We’ve been required to write tons of stuff even when we were in kindergarten. Perhaps my early writing experiences were nice so that I’ve developed a fondness for it. I even had my own tiny collection of notebooks to this day.

Item #10 : Folders and Envelopes

Wow! I’ve finally managed to come to the end of the list. Folders and envelopes are sometimes taken for granted. We don’t remember that we need them until we do. It’s also handy to keep some on hand. They’re perfect for organizing and arranging files and documents.

Now that you have a list, I hope you’ll never run out of school supplies that you will need during the school year.

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[Book Review] The Mixed-Up Chameleon

Bradypodion pumilum Cape chameleon female IMG 1767 (cropped)

The Chameleon

The chameleon is indeed one fascinating creature. It’s the first creature that comes to my mind when you talk about camouflage. It is truly interesting in its ability to adapt to its environment. Don’t you also sometimes wish we can change colors when we want to hide from others?

Apparently, chameleons change colors according to temperature and emotions. They tend to show darker colors when angered. I guess this ability to change colors is one of the reasons why the chameleon makes an interesting protagonist in this story book called “The Mixed-Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle.

If you haven’t read it, I recommend that you do. I’ve read the book to my daughter and to a few other children over the years, and they all loved the book. Plus, it teaches a valuable lesson in knowing oneself and liking who you are.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon

I recommend this book. This is a good book to teach children about the chameleon, about colors and different body parts of animals. It’s a wonderful story about the chameleon who wanted to be everything, but ends up realizing that it is perfect as it is. Indeed such a good lesson to learn.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon on YouTube

About Eric Carle

Eric Carle is a children’s book author and illustrator who has illustrated over 70 books. Many of his books are bestsellers, including the most famous The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Visit Amazon’s Eric Carle page for more about him and his works. Also, check out his other books below.

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[Book Review] Who Moved My Cheese?

who moved my cheese?

What’s Your Cheese?

Different people react to change differently. Some find it good. Some abhor it. The reaction is pretty much the same when you read the reviews of the different people who have read the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. I came by the book several years ago, when I still worked in the corporate world.

I did occupy several management positions in the past, but my heart is where it is right now. Anyway, that time I was into reading management books I could lay my hands on. I did want to be the best manager I could be. That’s when I encountered “One Minute Manager.” It was co-written by Spencer Johnson too.

I liked that book so I thought I’d check out “Who Moved My Cheese?” True enough, I enjoyed the book. It’s actually a short and simple book that you can read in one sitting. The message of the book stayed with me though. So much that it’s the first book that came to mind when this nonfiction quest on Squidoo came about.

I highly recommend “Who Moved My Cheese?” I find this to be a good book. Sure, we all know that change is constant. But how do you react to change? Do you welcome it at first glance? Or are you like most who reject it right away? The book is a great metaphor for what we seek most in life (cheese), how we center our life on it, and what happens when we wake up one day to find it gone. It’s great to read and re-read the book.

Who Moved My Cheese Summary & Synopsis Video

Here’s a summary and synopsis for those who have a little more time. It’s indeed worth checking out.

Who Moved My Cheese? Preview Movie (Red Tree)

Check out this movie version.

Take a look at how you view change and read the book in order to make a difference today!

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