Technical Skill Requirement: None 😀
Difficulty: Easy😀

When I started my first blog, I read somewhere that I needed to submit my site to the different search engines. This way, my site has better chances of being found.

Just recently I’ve read that XML Sitemaps, otherwise known as a Google Sitemap, have replaced the previously mentioned older technique of manually submitting to search engines. These Sitemaps according to Attracta are the best, fastest and only guaranteed method of letting search engines know about every page of your website.

If you have your own hosting and are using WordPress for your blog, there are a few plugins that you can install to help improve your SEO. I haven’t personally used all of them yet, but here’s the guide to the Top 10 WP SEO Plugins.

I’ve also signed up for free with Attracta. They have an essential SEO checklist. Just follow four steps to complete the checklist and find out if your site meets critical Google guidelines. SEO Tips from Attracta also come in handy.

Remember to add your site to Google:

  • Go to Google webmaster tools

  • Log-in with your Google details

  • Add your website

  • Verify your website (just choose from the verification methods available)

  • Add your Sitemap

You can then visit webmaster tools from time to time to check your stats. This can also be linked to Google Analytics.

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