I love my work

Life happens. It truly does, and so does work work work. I can’t complain esp. since I love what I do. Besides, not everyone gets paid for what they like to do. Life is awesome. Yes, it’s great! So, what’s been keeping me busy since the last time I posted here? I’ve taken in more tutorials than before. Come to think of it, I kinda missed part of doing that kind of thing. I’m thankful for online resources and the fact that there are more available free materials now than ever before. Nonetheless, I still make my own resources from time to time. I think that’s something that I need to work on — come up with some e-book of all my self-made resources and make them available online. Now that’s an idea that I would need to follow through on. 

I still have a few backlogs on here. I haven’t written on the 18th destination that we completed last March.. and it’s now October! How time flies indeed! Plus, I intended to write about the book fair we’ve been to last month. Wait, that was a month ago now? Bummer! We’ve also been able to watch a beauty pageant live for the first time ever! That was last week… I wonder when I would actually find the time to organize my clutter and finish up all my backlogs. I need a lot of will power to do just that at the moment.

Anyway, this post is just to keep things updated. Halloween is just around the corner. I know I’d miss Squidoo and the earnings around this time. But life goes on. It’s time to keep scouting for more online earning opportunities. Well, I gotta go for now. I’ve got an early morning start later. It’s for my weekend tutorials. 😀 Life is indeed good! Till next post… I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Ta-tah!

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