WooHoo! This blog post is around two days delayed. Just the same it’s better to be late than never! πŸ˜€

100 membersWinning Solos reaches a milestone! It now has 100 members… and counting! That is totally awesome! I’m happy that my efforts have beenΒ  paying off. But it’s no reason to slack off. A new goal has been set.

Third leg of the race dubbed “Race To 200” has officially started. More than ever, I know that I’ve still a lot of work to be done. After all, I have yet to see members helping with promotion of the site. But I’m quite positive that we will get there… πŸ™‚

Another new feature is that Winning Solos is now part of the Oz Super Solos network. This network is comprised of 81 growing sites that has a membership base that is growing day by day. Affordable Oz Super Solos are available within Winning Solos. These ads when mailed will be sent to all member sites.

Latest update on the FREE JV Upgrades: There are 16 more spots available! Hurry!


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