Sometimes I get so caught up in life’s hustle and bustle that I experience backlogs in updating my blog. That, coupled with the fact that I now have three blog sites that I maintain, can sometimes be overwhelming as I strive to share quality content on each site. This is actually my third blog. I started the other two way before I have a site in my own name.

The first site, Random Thoughts on Rain’s Domain, is close to my heart as it set the pace for my blogging activities. I painstakingly went through every detail in setting it up. It’s just a little over a year old, but so far I’m happy with it. True, it is a free site, but I have learned so much since I have started it. My second site, Internet Marketing on a Budget, was set up in May of this year, a year after my first site. I felt that I need a site that would focus more on what I’m currently doing — Internet marketing.

I strive on making each site different and yet I want them all to have the same feel. LOL! 😀 I’m not sure if you get my point, and I’m not yet sure how I could do that. Alas! One can only try. You may be wondering at this point as to what all my blabbering has got to do with the title? You see, I don’t necessarily consider myself young. In fact, there are times when I feel old already. With the technological advances of recent years, the youth of today are more proficient in the use of these techy gadgets. Nonetheless, I try to keep up with these advances by learning something new as often as I can. I’m of the belief that one can never be too old to learn something new. Although my dear mom refuses to learn any of these stuff, I refuse to travel the same path. With that, I’d like to share something that I read recently. I found it to be truly inspiring. I hope you will too. It’s an article written by Steve Goodier.


When are You Too Old?

by Steve Goodier

When asked how it was that she has lived so long, one 91-year-old woman replied, “I think God is testing the patience of my relatives.”

 When is “too old”? At what age do we give up? At 100, Grandma Moses was still painting, and Titian painted “Battle of Lepants” when he was 98.

 At 93, George Bernard Shaw wrote Far-fetched Fables.

 At 91, Eamon de Valera served as president of Ireland.

 At 90, Pablo Picasso still drew and engraved.

 At 89, Arthur Rubinstein gave one of his greatest recitals in New York’s Carnegie Hall, and Pablo Casals, at 88, still performed cello concerts.

 At 82, Winston Churchill wrote the four-volume work, A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, Leo Tolstoy completed I Can?not Be Silent, and Goethe, at the same age, finished Faust.

 At 81, Benjamin Franklin engineered the diplomacy, which led to the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.

 When are you “too old”? Only on the day when you truly have nothing left to give. And the good news is this: that day never has to arrive! 🙂


Cheers! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did! 😀

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