This won’t be a long post. I’ve just been caught up lately with trying to catch up with world happenings. Nothing major, it’s just me wanting to be informed about many topics of the times,i.e. magnetic pole reversal, extreme weather conditions, etc.

Well, the southern part of the country was just badly hit by Typhoon Pablo (international name Bopha). We have yet to recover from it.

NDRRMC: Damage from Typhoon Pablo rises to P36.9B

Now, there’s already a new one — Tropical Storm Quinta (international name Wukong).

Quinta forges ahead to northern Palawan, leaves at least 3 dead

However, it’s not just locally. I just happened at some international weather news as well.

So what’s causing these adverse weather conditions? Is climate change to be blamed?  Well, what we can do at the moment is to be informed on what’s happening globally. Take care and be safe! 🙂


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