Swirly Paws

One of the traffic exchanges I regularly surf at is Traffic Swirl. One reason is Swirly Paws. Aside from that, the site undergoes updates from time to time. Just recently, the Swirly Paws Board Game was updated. It’s still the same game except I think it looks better.

Anyway, I just discovered that there’s a new game in Traffic Swirl town once again. This time it’s called Rapid Win Game. Here’s a peek at it:

Traffic Swirl Rapid Win Game

It’s a board with 100 squares. Players are given free picks per day. Upgraded members naturally get more picks. Well, I didn’t know if it works but since it’s FREE, then just take your pick and cross your fingers that your number will win! 😀 As it turned out, I did win one round! LOL! 😛

I got this notice in my mailbox as well about it…

traffic swirl win

So now I know it works! LOL 😀 If you’re not yet a member at Traffic Swirl, I’m inviting you to check out the site. Just click on the banner below to join Traffic Swirl today! 😀

Traffic Swirl banner

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