Christmas at Lucky Chinatown MallIt’s 20 days before Christmas. Oh yes, how fast time flies indeed! I don’t even know where the rest of the year has gone. All I know is that 2012 is coming to an end. Soon it will be 2013!

So who’s counting down to Christmas? If you’re like most folks, you have probably started counting way back in September.

So what does Christmas mean to you? Shopping? New Stuff? The latest gadget? Seriously! Well, for me it means “Simbang Gabi.” For years, I have kept this tradition. In fact, I’m the only one in the family to still follow this tradition. It truly means a lot to me. In the past, I have trekked alone to the nearest church at night to enjoy this once-a-year holiday tradition. The past year saw some changes as I instead attended the “Simbang Gabi” early morning around 3-4 am on TV. True, it’s not the same thing. I just felt that I’m still keeping the tradition alive, but that it’s actually safer being home than being out there all alone.

Christmas, just like love, may mean different things to different people. For students, it means at least two weeks of Christmas break — yey no school! For employees, it may mean Christmas bonus or 13th month pay — yey time to splurge the year’s hard-earned money on material things! For the poor, it may mean getting more from donations of food and clothing shared by the well-to-do at this time of the year!

Whatever Christmas means to you, I suppose it won’t be complete without the usual festivities and gatherings like Christmas party or get-together. Well, I haven’t celebrated Christmas that way for years now. This time of the year usually means less income for me as it is vacation time. So I’ve never really splurged much at this time of the year, preferring to enjoy the non-material side of the season and focusing on the real reason for its celebration.

I recently shared a Squidoo lens on the “Symbols of Christmas and What They Mean to Me.” I do invite you to read it too! Why not reflect and review what Christmas truly means to you too?

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