I read a quote once that when you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re crazy to expect better results. Okay, so perhaps that applies to more serious aspects of life and living. Mine is a lot simpler and less complicated.

vendors along Ongpin St.

You see, I live near the heart of the Chinese New Year celebration — Manila Chinatown. And yet, not once have I actually witnessed the annual celebration as we would simply stay home and enjoy a quiet night.

Lucky Chinatown CNY 2014

Let’s just say that since my daughter and I spearheaded her 18 destinations adventure last year, I’ve become more interested in happenings around me. This would include stuff I would normally take for granted.

Lucky Chinatown Walk CNY 2014

And so, although it’s a full day for her and we got home rather late and even had a late dinner, I still pushed through with the plan of trekking to the heart of the celebration. Long time ago when I was still in school, the Chinese New Year did not receive as much attention as it has been getting in the recent years. From what I recall, only the Filipino-Chinese community and schools really celebrated the occasion. Nowadays, the Chinese New Year is declared as a special non-working holiday for the nation. Indeed, one can not discount the growing influence of the Filipino-Chinese in the country.

Wishing Wall Lucky Chinatown CNY 2014

Our first stop was along Ongpin Street. I guess we were a tad late as we’ve seen a lot of people already heading home. The stage was also being taken down. Still, the street was filled with people and vendors selling balloons, lucky charms, and many more. I just took some photos and we moved on to the other venue — the Lucky Chinatown Mall. It’s not too far so we just walked there.

maneki neko cat Lucky Chinatown CNY 2014

The mall was open till late. There were still a number of people there waiting for the strike of midnight. We just walked around and looked for the highlights of the celebration and took some photos. There were the lighting of incense, the wishing wall, the horse mural, the maneki neko cat, among others.

Tully's Coffee

We then headed home but stopped at a coffee shop along the way — Tully’s Coffee. We’ve been meaning to try it but haven’t done so till tonight. Yey! It was another new experience for us! Perhaps it was just us… but we actually thought the coffee there tasted better than Starbucks. LOL! 😀

There went a new adventure for the New Year! Happy Chinese New Year to one and all! Till next update… ta-tah!

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