Yup! Another year has come and gone. It’s that time once again when we find ourselves welcoming another year. It’s now 2015! How fast time flies indeed! Like most individuals, I do have lots of plans and ideas for this year. I guess it’s just a matter of fulfilling them all that really counts. I try to keep it simple. Life, after all, is better off without all the complications we bring to it. 

It’s a time for new beginnings as well as new challenges in life. One need only be ready and flexible. Honestly, I don’t know whether to be excited or apprehensive to find out what’s in store for me this year. The year past was not so bad in terms of financial gain. I did have more work, but I did get more pay. It was I would say just right. I’m still saving up for that one thing I’ve been working hard for the past few months. Hopefully, I would be able to tick it off my list before the month ends. Inshallah! 

Then I’m also starting on a new project. I recently discovered it on Instagram and just signed up for it. I will keep you posted on any progress that I make. It sounds really interesting and I’m excited to become a part of it. 😀

This January will be a busy month. The Papal Visit is scheduled for the third week of this month. The whole nation seems preoccupied with the preparations. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not much of a religious fanatic to fuss over it. It would be good to pray for the whole nation and the future of mankind. Perhaps that would help make lives better, though praying alone wouldn’t solve anything. We, as a people, still need to get up and do something. But I don’t really want to get into that right now. I just wanted to have a new year post to welcome 2015… for good vibes and positive thoughts! 😀

Well, that’s it for now. May 2015 be a better year for all of us. Till next update… ta-tah! 

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