Easter Bunny EggYes, that’s an Easter Bunny, although it’s almost Christmas time. Well, that’s what our weekend movie bonding was. My daughter and I went to watch a movie called “Rise of the Guardians.” You see, she has been waiting for this movie for quite some time now. We’re finally glad it’s being shown in theaters. It was indeed another perfect time for a weekend bonding. 

That’s the trailer from the movie. It’s a good movie to watch for children, although younger children may need a bit more explanation. Locally, we’ve never really experienced snow and winter. But Jack Frost is quite familiar since he’s also mentioned in a Christmas song.

Apparently, Jack Frost is part of a lore and is often personified as the cold and frost of winter. He is supposedly mischievous and likes to leave frosty crystal patterns on windows. In the movie, he is depicted as a teen who is out to have fun esp. during winter. He was chosen by “the man in the moon” to be one of the guardians of children’s hopes and dreams. In “Rise of the Guardian,” Jack Frost comes to terms with his own issues and identity and realizes how important it is to be a guardian for the sake of children all over the world. It’s great to see Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy,  Sandman, and the Bogeyman (the antagonist) all together in one movie.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I suggest you schedule some bonding time with your kids today! 😀

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