Warm Bodies: A Novel

What? No, I have not read the novel, but I have gone to the movies with my daughter over the weekend. I must say it was a pretty busy weekend. We watched a total of three movies — Hansel & Gretel (action), Chinese Zodiac (action-comedy), and Warm Bodies (romance comedy).

Sounds pretty busy, right? Anyway, all movies were quite interesting. I was just intrigued by the last one — Warm Bodies. I won’t exactly consider myself a fan of Twilight, so it wouldn’t be quite surprising that I find the concept of this movie a bit odd or strange. It is a bit out of ordinary for how can you imagine a zombie and a human being in a romance? WTF?! That was my initial reaction. First there were vampires and werewolves, now zombies. Hey, we used to be afraid of them when we were kids. It seems that some young folks these days have thought of even dating them. Eww? What has the world come into??

Well, I don’t know how much of the film has stayed true to the novel, but the movie isn’t so bad after all. It was quite funny in some parts, quite scary in others, and quite romantic too. Yes, there was even a balcony scene much like in Romeo and Juliet. LOL! 😀 Oh boy!

I guess I’m pretty much old school. I mean, I wouldn’t exactly blow the heads off zombies if they won’t eat my brains, but a zombie-human romance is a bit over my head at this point. So glad it is but one novel and so we won’t expect more sequels to follow! 🙂 If you like to get a little scared and yet would like to see a romantic film of sorts, go ahead and watch Warm Bodies. The movie is quite fine, and you’ll probably enjoy it too! Well, that’s it for now… gotta keep busy before I turn into a zombie 😛

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