I must admit I thought it was just another typhoon passing through the metropolis. Metro Manila has not been really badly hit by any incoming typhoons this year (Thank God!). Typhoon Pedring apparently was stronger than expected as it knocked down some power lines and left us out of electricity for more than 12 hours.

I’m not too happy about it naturally as a bulk of what I do is online. I would need not only power source for that but Internet connection as well. But if there’s one thing in life that I’ve learned, it’s not to sweat the small stuff. I’m not going to waste my time complaining about something I couldn’t do anything about. “When you fight life, life always wins.” Instead, the power outage turned out to be one big family bonding moment for us. There we were groping in the dark, having dinner and laughing moments, and trying to take turns using one another’s tech gadgets to listen to the news and keep up with what’s happening outside. I got online for a little while just to post a couple of tweets of my whereabouts as I was going to miss a daily webinar.

Arrgghh! I’m not too fond of backlogs. When we finally got electricity at an hour past midnight, I couldn’t resist not getting online to clear up my inbox. LOL! 😀 Well, my daily routine has definitely changed. I just have to focus on stuff that I deem important. Amidst the pile of rubbles now known as my inbox, I found this gem of an article.. The 4 Ps of Search Engine Optimization.. yey! That’s SEO, in case you haven’t noticed. It’s a topic I’m reading more on these days.

Proactive. This would mean planning in advance for any SEO activities that you would be doing on your site/s. It usually takes time before changes on your site/s get indexed. It’s best to plan ahead. You better stay ahead of the curve. Changes do happen to search algorithms. Your strategy should always have changes in mind. If possible, make a study of current trends and plan ahead accordingly. This works well for companies who specialize in SEO services.

Persistence. Well, anyone interested in SEO should know success doesn’t happen overnight. Competition is tough, most especially in competitive niches. You would need to work harder than the others to stay ahead. Plus, it takes a few months to start seeing some results.

Perseverance. You can plan ahead. You can work harder than the rest. But you still don’t control SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Be prepared for possible periods of no-growth or decline. As the article said, those who persevere in SEO are those who eventually win.

Patience. This doesn’t come easy, at least not for major corporations who are spending tons on SEOs. But for individuals like me, I’m all of the above and more. I truly madly deeply (LOL :P) want to learn all about SEOs and implement them on my site/s. I do know it takes time.. but I’m learning and having fun in the process.

A parting advice from the article:

Want to win in SEO? Create a solid foundation and gradually – patiently – build on it.

My advice: Chill! Life may be short. Time may fly by so fast. Have fun, enjoy the journey, learn all you can, do your best, and pray for the rest. 😀

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