Times are indeed changing. And yes, we’re expecting a storm in December no less! It’s just a few days before Christmas — 17 days to be exact — and yet we just had a class suspension bulletin for NCR (National Capital Region) for today December 8th. It’s been just a year and a month ago when the country was hit by a devastating super typhoon (YolandaPH). Tacloban and other Visayan provinces were badly hit. Now it seems that some folks are reliving the nightmare. I do hope that Typhoon Ruby (RubyPH) — international name: Hagupit — hasn’t wreaked as much havoc as the typhoon last year. 

I haven’t seen any news updates on the damage that this typhoon has done. I honestly don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. But I have seen bits and pieces of photos via Twitter. They don’t look too good. Well, the worst isn’t over yet. The typhoon is still in the country and won’t be exiting the Philippine area of responsibility till Thursday — or so I heard via the late night news earlier. 

Here in Manila, we haven’t experienced heavy rains yet, but the wind is picking up. It sure feels cold outside. We have yet to find out how badly it will affect the metro as I read somewhere that effects of the typhoon will be felt around 8-10 p.m. tonight. I sure hope and pray that all will be well after the typhoon passes. Inshallah!

Well I better get right back to work at the moment. I hope we won’t lose power and Internet connection tomorrow night. Until next time… do stay indoors as much as you can. Be safe everyone!

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