I’m not really the type of person to dwell much in the melodrama of day-to-day events. But then again, I’m only human that there are times when I do get the feeling that “the cup runneth over.”  Times like these I feel like emptying the cup and starting over. Yesterday was such a day! It was one of those days when you keep wishing it’s over. And yeah I did share the sentiment with some online friends. They’re the only friends I get to talk to these days. LOL!:D

Anyway, all I can say right now is I’m glad yesterday is over and that I’m now writing about it today. I’m sharing it so that when you do have a day like that, you’ll know how to react. And life goes on…

I kept busy yesterday, adding bits and pieces here on my site. Feel free to look around. I’m not done with the updates as there are quite a few more stuff I want to add here and there. But it’s a work in progress. I do want each page to have quality content so I usually add stuff when I’m at my best. I keep in mind that I write ‘coz I like doing it and not ‘coz it’s a task that I feel I need to do. 🙂 It’s truly interesting ‘coz I never really liked writing that much way back in high school. Now, I still dream of writing my own book. Perhaps one day I’ll get to work on that dream. Or perhaps I’ve already started. 🙂 I’d like to write something inspirational. Something that will have a positive effect on people. 😀

I’ll end this post with this favorite quote of mine, “Happiness is a state of mind.” If you truly want to be happy, THINK happy and BE happy. Don’t rely on others for your own happiness. Only you know what can truly make you happy. Here’s a video from YouTube of my favorite Happiness song from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” Watch and enjoy! 😀 Have a wonderfully happy day!

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