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The most important tag to optimize on your page is the Title Tag.The way it works is that search engines use HTML title tags to index and classify as to what your web page is about. You want to include descriptive words and phrases in your title tags as this not only helps your readers better understand what your page or post is about but also aids search engines find your keywords faster

Take note of these pointers for your title tag:

Space is limited. You can use a maximum of 69 total characters only for your title tag. Some search engines like Yahoo displays up to 72 characters of your page title. But Google and Bing only display up to 69 characters.

Don’t use “Home Page” as your title tag. Think of it more as a “title keyword tag.” Use keywords that users would likely search for. After all, your objective is to be found.

Your title tag is also used as the bookmark heading when someone bookmarks your site.

Good Title Tags Made Simple

Here’s a simple method to boost your rankings for writing title tags:

Use the top keyword or phrase for which you are trying to rank high at the start. Make sure that you also use this keyword or phrase throughout your page. This is important to determine relevance of your page to your chosen keyword.

On some of the materials that I have read, they recommend inserting a hyphen or double colon to separate the inital keyword from the group or groups of words that come next. This makes the title more readable.

Add a description for your page or post using all or part of your targeted keyword or phrase.

There is a plugin that I currently use on my WordPress blog. It’s called BlogGlue. You can search for it and install it. It helps you tally your score for SEO ranking of your page or post. You will need to sign-up as well for a BlogGlue account. But don’t worry as it’s free to join. Look at it as another blogging community that can boost your site further.

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