This year 2013 has been a milestone year for me. I guess you can say it’s a year with more than a few changes and adventures that will go down the books, so to speak. For one, my daughter turned 18 this year. Yes, even I couldn’t believe how fast time just flew by! Being mom to her is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life.

Turning 18, my daughter decided she would rather have her 18 destinations, instead of just splurging it all on a night of celebration. Indeed, it sounded more expensive, yet with lots of creativity and blessed with a few resources, we’ve accomplished way more than we’ve even imagined. We’re almost done with the 18 destinations. I’m just behind in blogging about them. 😀

Another milestone is that I’ve finally migrated to a smartphone around middle of the year when I got one for my birthday gift. Joining Instagram was one of the reasons why I wanted one in the first place. I simply love taking and sharing photos, not to mention following some really interesting individuals on Instagram and having a peek at their lifestyles.

The year is almost at its end. The main reason for this post is about a really cool change. No, it’s nothing fancy. It’s just about me having a massive haircut! LOL! 😀 You see, I’ve been well aware of my weight gain and I’ve wanted to sport longer hair so I could somehow hide it. In the end, I would rather revert back to enjoying short hair, like I’ve always preferred.. with another twist though, I’ve had my hair colored near red (burgundy) — like I’ve always wished! Mind you, I’ve always wanted it red, even before it became a fad! I have this feeling that I’ve been a redhead before, perhaps in my previous life. 

Well, 2013 may end, but I know that I’m looking forward to experiencing more changes in the coming more days, weeks, months, and years. Plus, at the back of my mind, I know I’ve started on a bucket list. Hey, life is short and I’d want to live it fully! Watch out for more blog posts about our 18 destinations in the near future… In the meantime, have a great week ahead! 16 days to go… 23 days to 2014! 🙂 

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