This is the concluding part of the presentation that was previously posted. After being stuck, you naturally would want to know what to do next.

You would want to focus on these 7 keys to unsticking your business. Although the presentation was designed for small businesses, independent affiliate marketers could also apply the techniques presented.

Attract traffic. So you have a website. You’ll need some way to drive traffic to it. You can’t just leave web traffic to chance. This topic alone has been the subject of many articles. An in-depth discussion will need to be taken up separately.

Capture leads. Say you have a website and you have means of driving traffic to it, how do you now capture information from your visitors? You’ll need some lead form or capture page where you will ask for your visitor’s name and email address so you could get in touch with them.

Nurture prospects. Relationship building is what is being referred to here. How many times have you opted in to some list only to be swamped with dozens of sales letters? It makes you want to unsubscribe right away. Remember this.. people buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell. It’s best to keep that in mind, when you’re drafting your email series.

Convert sales. Alas, you’ll need to convert some of that traffic into sales. This part does not come easy. It sometimes takes thousands of leads before you manage some conversions. That is why you need to track your advertisements and campaigns to know which ones convert as well as know which places are best to promote in.

Deliver & satisfy. Good customer service is always a must. No, the customer may not always be right.. but the customer always has to be satisfied. This is one way to maintain and keep present day customers. After all, you want a long-term relationship with them.

Upsell customers. Think fastfood here. How many times have you been offered to upsize your fries or sodas? to add soup or desert to your order? Naturally when you upsell, make sure it’s a product that is needed by your customer and that they will get their money’s worth.

Get referrals. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising , whether online or offline. This is also the reason why relationship building is important. When your customers trust you, they won’t hesitate to recommend you and your products to their friends. You can also try getting testimonials from your satisfied customers.

Here’s the illustration borrowed from the presentation.

The Strategic Business Blueprint: The 7 Keys to Unsticking Your Business
by Tyler Garns & Jeff Mask (Infusionsoft)

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