Before I go on ahead to explain what I’m blogging about, I’d like to celebrate another passing year since I started this blog site.

happy 4th year

Yup it has been four years. It does make me wonder where the years have gone by. And I’m still here. ^_^ Okay, moving on, it has been a goal of mine to be able to blog or publish a post for 30 days straight. Somehow, that has stayed on my bucket list for awhile now, since I haven’t been able to accomplish it. In a way, this post is to celebrate two things… one, for my blog’s 4th year in existence… two, for finally being able to achieve the 30-day challenge! Yey!

You see, over a month ago, I helped set up this fansite blog over on Blogger. Yes, I’m a DiegoLiza shipper at heart — Diego Loyzaga – Liza Soberano shipper. That’s a local celebrity tandem that we’ve been shipping over on Twitter land. (@TeamDiegoLiza)

DiegoLiza Blog

So there it is! The DiegoLiza blog site is up on Blogger and so far, I’ve been able to publish one post a day. It has now been 37 days and counting. I guess it’s time to extend the challenge and see how far I could go to achieve more. It really feels great when I get to tick off an item on my bucket list. I suppose it goes to show that nothing is impossible if you set your heart on it. I just needed to find the right topic to write about. There’s a lot more that need to be accomplished and learned in life. For now, I’m enjoying every single moment, taking small steps along the way in this adventure called life. I hope that you’re enjoying your journey as well. 

There’s another weekend coming, and the second half of the year has started. Pretty soon, we’ll be celebrating the holidays once again. Till next update… ta-tah! Have a fantastic weekend! ^_^

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