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Using HTML code elements in your pages and posts can enhance viewership from search engines. It can boost your rankings and nudge visitors along your path. Here are some ways by which this could happen:

Use text headings (using heading tags <H1><H2><H3>)

The use of text “heading” tags is important to the user as visual clues, but they are also used to indicate the importance of the words or phrases to the search engines. In this manner, search engines recognize which words and phrases are more important or highlighted on a page. Changing the font size doesn’t make this distinction. Heading tags can easily be made to look any way you like by including them in your style sheets. This process, however, is done by more advanced users.

Use Inter-site “anchor text” links

Create keyword-rich internal text links within your site. Don’t overdo it as too many links between your pages can actually harm you. According to some tests, creating links between the first 10 pages that you are listed in yields good results.

Results for Google when you search for (simple add “site:” to your home page URL, all as one word, and search for that “combined” word in Google)

Use Image Alt Tags

These are the words or phrases that show up when an image is unavailable. Search engines don’t see the images but they can recognize alt tags (alternative text tags).

Here’s an example:

<img src=”smilingbaby.gif” alt=”Smiling Baby” title=”Smiling Baby”/>

Note: search engines will index both alt tag and title content, but usually prefer the title content if available.

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