I can’t help but take note of this piece of news from the evening news. It’s just a bit strange that it will come up after all that’s happening around. I mean, some may choose not to take notice, and I don’t really want to sound paranoid. But you’ve got to admit that we’ve seen bouts of extreme weather conditions and strong earthquakes within the past two years or so. Sure, authorities from all over attribute it to climate change. But is that all there is to it? I guess I’m personally doubtful and do believe there is something more to it than just mere climate change or global warming. Perhaps there is something in the earth’s true history that includes a global cataclysm every so often — like every 3600 years or so. Who knows? Mankind doesn’t live long enough to tell the real story… or perhaps we are just too dense to ask the questions and prefer to worry more about nonsensical stuff like the next reality search big winner :p Seriously! Here are the links to the local news I was talking about… 


A model of the space ship that will carry a Filipino into space in 2014. Raffy Tima (credit: GMA Network News article)

Well, good luck to us all! Continue to be safe… 🙂 Till next post… Ta-tah!

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