Shoe selfie — not a new term but I learned it on Instagram. No, I don’t usually go for selfies of any kind, shoe selfie included.

These are special times though, so I’d like to blog about something light and amusing. And no, I’m no fashion guru nor am I someone who likes to buy stuff for the sake of it. I usually adopt the pragmatic approach — buy only what you need, esp. if it’s not a basic one.

Gibi Shoes

Mom said we’d be attending a wedding in a month’s time, so there I was shopping for a pair of silver high-heeled shoes. It’s the first for me really as I’m not much of a fan of high heels. I think they’re a form of human torture. LOL!

Gibi Shoes looked really nice and I got to choose a pair that suits my fancy. It’s neither too cheap nor too expensive. Photo that follows is me trying out my new heels. I guess I’m gonna need to have foot spa and pedicure before the scheduled day.

my Gibi Shoes

On the other hand, I like having pets, so I couldn’t resist this pair of dog & cat flats that I chanced upon in a Primadonna outlet. I love flat shoes! Now that’s a pair that I can wear more often. I won’t need to worry should my almost worn-out shoes would suddenly give up.

Primadonna Shoes

I hope you enjoyed this edition of my blog! Till next post… ta-tah! Yipee, it’s almost the weekend again!

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