For those new to the topic, SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization. I hope that you’re familiar with search engines. Most, if not all, people coming online use search engines to help them find what it is they’re looking for. You can use different search engines. I mostly use Google. No, I’m not endorsing it but I happen to get more results to my liking by using it. 😛

Have you ever paid attention to the sites that come up when you try to search for information? Have you ever wondered how they are ranked according to the keywords you typed in? It’s amazing how some sites hold exactly the information you need.

According to reports I’ve read, search engines rank websites in different ways. Your website could be listed as a sponsored link or a pay-per-click advertisement or as a result of organic search. There’s Google Adwords system for the former and for the latter, “spiders” and “robots” crawl and assess the contents of a website then relay the results to a main search engine system. Your website is then organized to come up when a surfer searches for a topic pertaining to information you have on your site. SEO is a process wherein you can apply certain techniques to your website so it gets indexed and organized quickly by search engines.

I will share here a list from on the Ten Easy Steps to SEO. I will just list them down and discuss each one over the days that follow. That way, you won’t suffer from information overload, esp. if you’re new to learning about SEO.

SEO in Ten Easy Steps

How to make Google (and your visitors) love your site

1. XML Sitemap Submission
2. Building Links
3. Learn a Little Simple Basic HTML
4. Choose the Right Keywords or Key-Phrases to Target
5. Create Fresh and Unique Content Using Your Keywords
6. Title Tag Optimization
7. Description Tag Optimization
8. Take Advantage of Other Simple HTML Opportunities
9. Eliminate Broken Links and Error pages
10. Develop (or Exercise) Patience

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