It’s the last weekend before classes resume on Monday.¬†And we have these two Ride-All-You-Can passes at Star City that we got from The Malayan Plaza when we stayed there last weekend. It was part of the room promotion. We stayed there for the block screening of Boy Golden, but details will be shared on a separate 18 destinations post.

Ride All You Can at Star City

So there’s my daughter, Bea, who didn’t want to waste the passes. She thought of planning our Friday riding the afternoon and evening away on fancy and exciting rides. If you’re not familiar with Star City, it’s one of the oldest and known amusement parks in the Philippines. It’s located not too far from our place so we often take it for granted to go and visit.

crowd at the entrance

It’s been a while since I’ve been to an amusement park. There are rides that I enjoy and some that I don’t fancy too well. Thinking that she needs a riding buddy, I suggested to her to invite her cousin, Janelle. So there I was officially tagged as the photographer — and videographer — of the day’s adventure.

Ride All You Can Tags at Star City

Since it was still vacation time, it was not that surprising to find a big crowd lining up at the ticket booths. Boy, I never realized that amusement parks are still the “in” thing to be in the city. I guess it beats going to the malls. The girls got themselves ride-all-you-can tags while I just purchased myself an admission ticket (P65).

Star City Park Map

We haven’t been to Star City in a while, so we needed to reacquaint ourselves with the map and the list of rides available. It turned out that the Star Flyer was the main attraction with the longest queue. It probably took us (I was with the girls the whole time) almost an hour and a half before they finally got on. I believe it was worth it and I wouldn’t want them to miss it! Time was when we were just happy to get on the roller coaster. This was an upgraded version of that ride.

Star Flyer at Star City

There were many other fun and exciting rides like the Surf Dance — I thought it was crazy! –, the Blizzard — fun with shorter queue too! –, wacky worm — kid friendly –, happy swing — just a giant swing –, and many more. In addition, the girls also walked through a few walk in attractions such as Peter Pan, Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel, Gabi ng Lagim (Night of Terror), and the Dungeon. If the queue was any shorter, we would have enjoyed so many more!

Star City Pricelist

Last two rides of the night were the Pirate Adventure — loosely based on Pirates of the Carribean — and the classic Grand Carousel which brings out the kid in many of us, the girls included. Alas, it was an amazing and fun way to spend the last Friday of vacation time. Plus, the ride-all-you-can tickets were worth it! So if you’re tired of going to the mall, you can always check out the nearest amusement park. In our case, that’s the Star City!

Life is short! Enjoy it while you can. I had fun writing about it. Hope you had fun reading about it too! Till next time… ta-tah!

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