Well there went another Christmas… just like that. Time flies indeed when one is having fun. It’s pretty much the same as any other Christmases, and I’ve not much to complain as I get to quietly enjoy it with my family. It used to be just mom, my daughter, and me. It should be more enjoyable though as there’s more of us now than before. No details necessary.

I enjoyed Fr. Orbos’s mass on early Christmas morning. Something he said struck a chord. He said to take a look at the people who are with us that moment, for you never know if they would still be with us next Christmas. How true indeed.. it’s our second Christmas without my dad! And yes, I still miss him most times. Although I know that wherever he is, it’s a much better place.

We usually don’t go anywhere on Christmas day and simply prefer to quietly spend it at home. But since life is short and time is brief, we decided to grant a little kid’s request this year. Christmas after all is for the children. She wanted to watch a movie with all of us. Believe me when I say I’m not fond of watching movies on the first day of showing, most esp. not during a local film festival. Surely there would be loads of people trekking to the cinemas with their loved ones in tow. So my niece got her way and we found ourselves going to the cinema and watching a movie I would personally not have chosen to watch. LOL! 😀 I suppose that’s what celebrating Christmas is all about.. being with family and enjoying stuff together. For all that it’s worth, I can at least say I did something different this year! 😀 I hope your Christmas celebration is just as swell! Merry Christmas! 🙂

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