One of the good things of coming up with a section on FREE downloadable reports is that I do get to read each one of the reports that I will be sharing here. I truly like that ‘coz I not only get to read good reports to help me out, I get to share them with others too.

I liked reading the report that I’m sharing here today ‘coz it is relevant to me and what I do. It’s quite true that we get to see a lot of ads out there that focuses more on “selling the hype” than selling the content — product or service — for that matter. But do they really last? I believe it is important for us marketers to also know the value of the program or product we are endorsing. Needless to say, our good reputation rides on it. So, before you think of launching your next campaign, remember.. Don’t Sell the Hype of Internet marketing! 😀

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