It all started from a Facebook (FB) call from one young lady. I didn’t know her beyond the name and the profile on FB. We belong to the same group that supports Miss World 2013 Megan Lynne Young. The team is known as Team Bata Official. (Twitter: @teambata_PH)

Honestly, I didn’t know how serious the call was, as there was a previous attempt to organize that didn’t quite push through. And I never heard from the supposed organizer again. Anyway, this time around I was just lurking in the group and kept at bay till I was sure this young lady is determined to see this through. You see, in my frustration the last time, I decided to volunteer alone at Philippine Red Cross (PRC) – NHQ. I was truly glad I did as this was something I have been dreaming of for quite some time now.

Philippine Red Cross - NHQ

Philippine Red Cross – NHQ

Heizen Nyra seemed really serious as, even after a week, she was still urging members to join her in donating and volunteering at PRC – NHQ. So I decided to ask more about her plans and find out how I could possibly help. Once again, I’m glad that I did. Don’t get me wrong, but we’re not happy that a devastation as horrible as Typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda) could wreak such havoc in central Philippines. How we wished we were organizing a project in better times and for better reasons! However, the damage has been done and we wanted to do what we can to help.

Project Team Bata

Heizen was in charge of collecting the funds and I would assist in finding a supplier from whom to purchase the goods for donation. You see, I live within the Divisoria area. Plus, I was to set an appointment with PRC – NHQ. Finally, the dates for purchasing the goods and volunteering have been set.

Philippine Red Cross relief goods

It truly wasn’t an easy task as there were down times and a few glitches so to speak. I was able to canvass the amount needed and we were all set. However, on the day that we were to make the purchase, the supplier was unable to entertain us as they have a Christmas party scheduled later that afternoon. We were really determined to push this project through and gladly found ways to find new suppliers. “If there’s a will, there’s always a way.” Praying helped a lot too!

Team Bata members

At the end of Saturday, December 14th, we had 1 box of sardines, 1 box of instant noodles, 1 box of crackers, and 2 boxes of bottled water, all set and ready to be taken to PRC – NHQ the next day.

Project Team Bata success

Then there was the problem in the number of volunteers. We scheduled for at least 5 – 10 members, but got more than a few last minute cancellations. In the end, we were just glad that the afternoon of volunteering in repacking relief goods was well worth it! I’m thankful for the chance to help and to meet new people. Thank you, Heizen, Ciara, Gesele, and Yadni for an afternoon well spent! And yes, I do believe that social media can be used to do a lot of good. Plus, it somehow restored a bit of my faith in young people such as Heizen, perhaps youth is not wasted on the young after all, at least not all of them.

Project Team Bata

Project Team Bata is a success! I’m happy to have shared the experience with fellow TeamBata members. Till next post… ta-tah!

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