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Well, it’s almost summer break where I am. Times like this, many people are planning where to spend their summer breaks. Some people travel a lot whether locally or internationally. We are not vacation bums, mainly because it costs money to plan a trip. Yup! Sad but true, but having limited financial resources can sometimes be a deterrent to enjoying a good quality life. My daughter’s turning 18 this year. For now, she’s foregoing planning a debut party in exchange for going around places where she and I have never been to. I’d admit it’s a bit challenging doing the vacation planning because we do have to consider a number of factors. Here’s a checklist that I made. It’s the one I’m using in planning for our much longed for and much needed vacation…….

My travel checklist:

  • Budget
  • Location / Transportation
  • Travel Time
  • Accommodation
  • Activities (Things to do)
  • Incidental Expenses

I’m no┬ávacation planning expert, but I figured that working with a checklist will help me plan it well. I’ll keep you posted on what comes out of my vacation planning. ­čÖé For sure, it’s going to happen sometime soon. Till then, I hope you are having a great time… Till next post! Ta-tah!

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