When you write your blog post, write for your readers first and consider search engine crawlers next. Both are important though. Placing your keywords correctly helps readers skim your page, plus it helps search engines figure out what your post is about.

Difficult and lengthy posts make it hard for your readers. Keep your post brief and simple. Along with your keywords, align them with what the program or service offers. In short, highlight benefits, benefits, and more benefits!

This I have to keep in mind as well. When you market a program or service, don’t just outline the features. Tell your readers what it will do for them, i.e. it saves time, saves cost, improves results, etc.

Always tell the truth. Don’t try to intentionally mislead your readers or potential customers, because if you don’t deliver what you promised, it will leave them disappointed and are more likely to leave your program or seek better alternatives. It’s perfectly fine to make your sales page sizzling with good offers, but always make it honest.

Make your posts personal. It’s all about you and your experience with the product or service. Why do you highly recommend it? If it’s one that you believe in, it totally makes it easy to market it.

This is another one I need to remember. Before publishing your content, make sure that you’ve read it and then re-read it. If possible, have someone else look it over. You wouldn’t want a professional sales page that’s full of typos. Even text alignment and font size sometimes do matter.

(to be continued…)

On next post, I would give the nine good places where to use your keywords. So come back to read more on adding keywords. 😀

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