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Photoblogging and Mother’s Day

I know I haven’t been on much these days. I guess I’ve been a bit busy with summer tutorials and all. I’ve also spent less time reflecting and meditating lately so I haven’t done much blogging either. It’s quite important for me to write from the heart. It’s where I draw inspiration from.

Anyway, I thought I’d take time out to send out a Happy Mother’s Day greeting to all wonderful moms out there! 🙂

My daughter not only posted a greeting for me on Facebook but also made a video with our pictures. It was totally touching! I’m such a proud mom and I feel so lucky to have her as my daughter!

Love Mom

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 😀 That’s for my mom…

Full Moon Collage

On the lighter side of life, I just want to share that I’ve actually started a photo blog on Tumblr. (Visit RainCrystal on Tumblr.) The reason is plain and simple… it’s always been a dream of mine to own a nice camera and take lotsa photos with it. I’ve worked hard to save up for one and now I just want a venue to share some really interesting photos, some of which are my personal favorites. I do hope to add more to my collection.

Manila Bay view

Well, that’s it for now! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration! Till next time… ta-tah!

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[18 Destinations] Lotsa Food Adventure Day

Spiral Restaurant

A-ha! I believe that I have put off writing about Destination #3 long enough. You see, I’ve been bugging my daughter to write her piece about it too as I wasn’t able to join her on her third adventure.

My mom, who is a retired teacher, got invited by some of her former students to join them in a get-together dinner somewhere. Mom doesn’t like going out alone anymore so she brought my daughter along. Since it’s something both have never experienced before, I suggested to my daughter to make this her third adventure.

Sofitel Hotel Manila

Destination #3 is Spiral Restaurant located at the Sofitel Hotel Manila. I’ve been there once before. That was quite a long time ago. The buffet served at Spiral is pretty well known, albeit a little too expensive for the average Jane. I’m not much of an eater so I hardly enjoy buffet lunches or dinners.

Spiral stairs

You can visit Spiral website for more information and photos. 

Here’s what my daughter writes about her adventure…

“As a brief introduction, Spiral is a restaurant in Sofitel Hotel, meaning it’s not just your “average diner”. Even though I already noted this in the back of my subconscious mind, I couldn’t help but still be left amazed by the vastness of the place with all the multinational cuisines featured! (Yum! Yum!) Although I did forget to take a picture of my plate of food, I certainly kept in mind to take a pic of my plate of desserts! (Tried each of the Chocolate Fountains…. it was “Chocolate Heaven”!)

chocolate fountains

In the end I was quite satisfied with my meal, and I certainly would come back for more if I can. Next time though, so watch out Spiral! I’ll be coming back for more! *Gobble!*”


I wouldn’t be surprised she would get a bit overwhelmed. It was the sort of experience I also had the last time. There were just too many choices that one could end up being too full. Well, there went another adventure day… this time featuring lotsa food!

I hope that I will be at the next adventure day! 3 down… 15 to go… Till next time… ta-tah!

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Moon Watcher — The Partial Lunar Eclipse of April 25th

In the absence of a high powered telescope, I simply rely on my Olympus digital camera to take those awesome full moon night photos that I collect. I don’t consider myself an astronomer or anything of the kind, I’m just one of those moon watchers who has been fascinated with viewing the phases of the moon. The full moon is naturally my most favorite.

full moon april 25
The Moon Takes a Peek

Reading about the upcoming partial lunar eclipse, which of course was seen last night — that’s early am the following day for me — I felt that I simply shouldn’t miss it.

I’ve been taking full moon photos since late last year. It’s one of the perks of acquiring my very own digicam. I’m finally able to capture various stuff that appeal to me. Plus, I enjoy learning more about taking photos — one of my long-time interests.

full moon april 25
Love the Full Moon

Unfortunately, the sky view last night wasn’t too clear. I found it to be too cloudy, but I did manage to capture the brightly lit moon before the scheduled partial lunar eclipse.

I have this favorite place on the rooftop where I try to capture photos of the brightly lit moon. I started scouting the sky as early as 8 in the evening. I was a bit worried as the night proved to be gloomy. I managed to take even photos of the cloudy sky. LOL! 🙂

cloudy night sky
Cloudy Night Sky

My last photo of the full moon was around 2 a.m. — my local time — when the moon was supposed to start the penumbral eclipse. As for the partial eclipse, I just decided to watch it online via slooh.com as I didn’t want to miss it due to the cloudy sky.

full moon april 25
Full Moon April 25 2013

Here’s a link to more Lunar Eclipse Photos at space.com.

Well, that’s it for now. I sure had a great time as a moon watcher! Till next full moon… Awooooo! 😀

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[18 Destinations] Gaming Adventure Day

Destination #2 is Game Zoo at Resorts World Manila (RWM). We signed up for a free RWM membership last week at Lucky Chinatown Mall, a mall that is within walking distance from where I live. RWM membership is required in order to enjoy the FREE shuttle service offered from LCMall to RWM site. This is major convenience esp. for those who don’t have their own cars.

Game Zoo RWM

My daughter decided that she wanted to check out Game Zoo and try out the 4-D and 6-D adventure rides being offered there! The rides are pretty affordable so we scheduled our visit yesterday.

It was our first time to try the free shuttle service. We almost got discouraged as we learned that you would need to sign up earlier as there are a number of people who also avail of this service and there are only 10 passengers per ride. There’s a ride every 30 minutes and you will need to be patient in waiting.

Free Shuttle Service LCMall to RWM

We missed the 3:40 pm ride and the next ones at 4:10 pm and 4:40 pm were full. We were informed that we would be listed for the 5:10 pm ride. So we decided to go to Red Mango located at the 4/F of LCMall. The snack was really good and we’re quite happy. We rushed to the shuttle station by 5:05 pm but learned that it was FULL! Arrgghh! Bea was a bit pissed but I remained cool and quietly agreed to wait for the 5:40 pm ride instead. Ugghh! The day almost became a major disaster indeed!

Resorts World Manila

RWM is a bit posh. I found the place rather intimidating at the onset as it seemed to cater more to the upper class level. But we were determined to have fun so we just went right on to enjoy the adventure rides at Game Zoo. Personally, I liked the 4-D ride better. It just seemed more scary and fun at the same time. I still have mixed reactions about the 6-D ride. It was okay but I won’t be too excited to do it again anytime soon.

Newport Mall

Also, we got our permanent membership cards and I have yet to learn more about the benefits and privileges. There’s still next time I guess. We can always try out the hotels located in RWM complex. And that can be listed as another destination.. woohoo! Well, we had fun with yesterday’s adventure. 2 destinations done… 16 more to go! Till next time… have a great week ahead! Ta-tah! 😀

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Mom Joins Panglao Island, Bohol Tour

Whites and Greens Beach Resort

It’s summertime in my part of the world, so going on a tour or exploring places is the norm for most people. Nothing fancy here. Mom joins a faculty tour of Panglao Island, Bohol. It’s an annual benefit that teachers enjoy. I did encourage her to join as these group tours can be cheaper and thus, more affordable for the average person.

Whites and Greens Beach Front

You see Mom is a fan of Kris TV, that’s the morning show of Kris Aquino, a well-known media personality locally. She has seen the beautiful places that were featured on the show and dreamed of visiting some or even most of them. Well, she gets a chance to visit Bohol this summer.

Panglao Island, Bohol boating

They were scheduled from April 11 – 13. Since it’s summer break, almost all the faculty members were joining the tour. Mom came home yesterday afternoon and had fun stories to tell. I’m glad she really had a good time. They stayed at Whites and Greens Beach Resort and had a cottage facing the beach. I’ve shared some of the photos above. They had a bit of tour the first day since it was free day. She had done some shopping then. The second day was the tour day with the rest of the faculty members. She found the accommodation to be quite okay, but that they didn’t provide transportation to guests. They had to pay extra for the van that will take them on the day tour. They had lunch at the Loboc River Boat Ride and went to see the Philippine tarsier, native to Bohol. Also, Mom had a personalized t-shirt made. This took a bit more time and so her co-teachers went looking for her. 😀 LOL!

Philippine tarsier

She also had some photos taken and have shared them on her FB account. Overall, it was a tiring yet fun experience for her. She even had a photo by the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Awesome! I hope that Bea and I would also get a chance to visit Bohol in the near future. I sure would like to explore the places that Mom has seen there.

Chocolate Hills Bohol

The Philippines has a lot of wonderful places that I would love to visit someday. I would just need to save up for them. Well, I hope you enjoyed what I shared today. Till next time… ta-tah! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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Exploring the Walled City


It’s summer where I am and oh my, the daily weather is indeed really warm. Nonetheless, we all welcome summer as it’s a break from school — well, for most kids, that is. The local education system is currently undergoing curriculum adjustment to the K-12 system. As such, my tutees are attending a summer bridging program that started last 1st April. So life is pretty much on regular mode for me, except that the weather is a lot warmer. I sometimes feel that I’m not too productive these days and have to adjust to morning schedule due to extra tutorial during the season. Now, what did that have to do with exploring the Walled City? (Photo credit : By sam garza from Los Angeles, USA (beach view…) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)

Baluarte de San Gabriel
Atop the Walled City

Well, it is summer and most kids are on break. However, some — like my daughter — enrolled for summer class. My niece and I accompanied her during enrollment and so we got the chance to explore the Walled City where my daughter’s school is located. Nope, it wasn’t planned, rather just some random thing we thought of after the enrollment.

Intramuros walls
Is that Pooh and Piglet? LOL…

We walked up the wall and walked on the path there. The kids posed for the photo above, but don’t worry we did stay out of the glaring sun for most of the time. It’s not a very long walk, just around two blocks. My daughter said there’s a nice garden that her classmates have mentioned to her. That’s our destination.

Puerta del Parian Asean Garden
Puerta del Parian Asean Garden

Puerta del Parian Asean Garden — that’s the post right by the entrance that looked like an arch. I didn’t even know there’s such a place until my daughter led us to it. Intramuros — the Walled City — is rich in history. It was after all the original fortified city of Manila and the seat of the Spanish government during the colonial times.

Puerta del Parian main entrance
Puerta del Parian arch

As we entered the garden, I looked back to take a photo of the arch entrance. I think it looks fascinating. I was surprised to find a nice looking and spacious garden within. We walked around the garden and took some more photos which are all shared on my Facebook account. Most people might think we looked silly, and indeed, we felt a bit silly as we were acting like a bunch of tourists. Nonetheless, I was just excited to see a lovely place within the city and to explore it and take photos too!

Puerta del Parian Asean Garden walk
Within Asean Garden

We walked through the vast space of the garden and exited at the opposite end from where we came in. It was a tiring yet enjoyable day! 🙂 There’s a lot more that I haven’t explored around Intramuros. I hope that we get to see more beautiful places within the next few days and weeks. I sure hope summer classes won’t get in the way of fun! Well, that’s it for now! Stay tuned for more next time… ta-tah! Have a great week ahead!

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Moonstruck in Manila

full moonI don’t know when it started, but as far as I remember, I’ve always been fascinated with the full moon. Awoooooo… 😀

No, I’m pretty sure we don’t have werewolf blood in our lineage. Sure I can be luna-tic sometimes, but I’m sure that I’m perfectly normal.

I guess I simply find the moon intriguing, esp. on full moon nights. I do watch the sky nightly and wish I can take more photos of the night sky. But I think that I would need a more powerful and professional camera to capture the beauty of the night sky. For now, my camera is capable of capturing city view and the full moon, so I’m okay with that. Now I do wonder what I can do with all the lovely photos that I have taken. LOL! 😛

The calendar actually lists 27th March as the Full Moon, but last night I saw that the moon looks round already so I took my photos. Well, that’s it for now. I just wanted to share about my fascination with the full moon. I’ll leave a closer moon photo below. I hope you’ll like it!

full moon up close

Till next post.. happy full moon! Ta-tah! 🙂



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