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[Instagram] Monday Motivation

When I started out using Instagram, I had to learn a lot esp. in the art of using hashtags. I’m a long way from mastering the use of this media but I must say I’ve gone far enough with over 400+ photos. And it has just been three months since I started. πŸ˜€

Although I started out following a different theme for Mondays, I decided to settle on #Mondaymotivation instead. One of my main reasons is that I wanted to be able to share inspiring and motivating messages esp. at the start of the week.

I’ll share some of my posts here. I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram too! Have a great week ahead! It’s mid-September… ta-tah!


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Under the Weather

under the weather

Definition: ill; not healthy. Boo-hoo. Not a pleasant feeling indeed but quite unavoidable at times. I guess I pushed myself too hard and now sleeplessness is taking its toll on me. I should focus more on healing than on this uncomfortable feeling.

I’m focusing on healing… healing… healing…

Need to rest… rest… rest… as it’s the weekend! Yey! I truly live for the weekends! πŸ˜€

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[18 Destinations] Visiting Churches

Yey, I’m on a roll! Onwards to Destination #8… This is another one of those multiple destinations but single purpose activity. I’m naturally talking about church visits. πŸ™‚

Since my daughter enrolled in her Humanities 1 class this semester, they have been tasked to go to a few places to highlight culture and the arts. I have shared the first one some posts back — museum visits.

My daughter took care of the first two locations, but I accompanied her in the last three. We actually split it into two days, since two locations are closer to each other. The other one is a bit out of the way.

Malate Church

First stop was Malate Church. It’s another one of those old churches built during the Spanish times. That time we visited, the church was also undergoing some renovations to improve its facade. It is strategically located right across from the Rajah Sulayman Park fronting the well-known Roxas Boulevard in Manila that overlooks the sunset of Manila Bay.

Rajah Sulayman

It was a bit cloudy and drizzling at that time, but we managed to get walk around a bit and take some photos. I’ve shared most of them on my Instagram account.

Sta. Cruz Church

We had lunch at the Aristocrat Restaurant. It’s quite well-known for Filipino dishes. From there we proceeded to the second stop — Sta. Cruz Church. This one is a jeepney ride away from Malate. We took some photos and headed home, which isn’t far away.

San Agustin Church

The visit to San Agustin Church was scheduled for another day. It’s located in Intramuros, near where my daughter goes to school. We love to walk so we enjoyed the visit to San Agustin. After hearing mass and taking some photos, we then stopped at Zucchero Cafe for our late lunch. My daughter loved the Gambas and I enjoyed the Sizzling Tofu. The cafe also serves yummy blueberry cheesecake and fresh fruit smoothies.

Zucchero Cafe

All’s well that ends well. Taking photos and visiting places of art and culture to fulfill some school requirements and enjoying some Mom-daughter bonding are woven into one. How cool is that?! Plus, we get to tick off some items on the destination list. 8 down… 10 to go! Watch out for more updates! Till next time… ta-tah!

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[Instagram] September Photo A Day Challenge

So bad of me to be 11 days late in sharing the September photo challenges I’m doing this time around. Yes, it’s a plural since I’ve decided to try doing two different challenges. The main reason is for variety. After all, they say that variety is the spice of life! πŸ˜€

I do love taking and sharing photos, but that doesn’t include much selfie as I’m not into that big time. I love taking photos of places, events and other people! It’s more fun that way I believe.

So without further adieu, here are the two photo a day challenges for September…



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[18 Destinations] Girls’ Night Out

Another very late post! This adventure happened right after we came home from Tagaytay. Yes, it was that fresh. My daughter needed me to go with her to Glorietta 1 to pre-order this pair of custom-made shoes that she’s been dreaming of owning.

Although tired from the travel, I thought it best to strike while the iron is hot. I mean I still have left over adrenaline from the vacation we had. This time around, my niece decided to join us as she was probably too bored at home. Hey, it was still summer time then.

After doing what we intended to do in Makati, we decided to dine out at Greenbelt 3. We were looking for some noodle place as that’s what we felt like eating at that time.

OOdy's Thai Rice Noodles 'N Bar

I have not been to Makati in a long time, but I do remember Greenbelt 3 where we used to go. I’m glad that OOdy’s Thai Rice Noodles ‘N Bar is still there, just as I remembered.

Egg Noodles with Roasted Pork and Shrimp Wanton

My daughter and I are pretty adventurous and we like to try out new restaurants, at least places we have never been before. Our concern was my niece as she’s a bit too picky when it comes to what she eats. This time around, she has no choice. LOL! πŸ˜€

I Am Raincrystal

I decided to try the Egg Noodles with Roasted Pork and Shrimp Wanton. My daughter and niece both went for Thai Rice Noodles with Fish Ball. Yum! We were too full to even go for dessert.

niece and daughter

We decided to walk around the park to have a look around since we don’t usually go anywhere near Makati anymore. It was a Thursday but there were lots of people around the area. I just really wonder how come local people here love the malls so much.

walk in the park

It was a fun girls’ night out! Plus, we achieved Destination #7… 11 more to go! Stay tuned for more adventures… till next time… ta-tah!

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Of Beauty Pageants and Beauty Queens

They say that the Philippines is a country of boxers and beauty queens. Okay, perhaps that’s an exaggeration. But admit or not, we’re a country whose citizens have a passion for these two fields of interests. Add reality shows and singing contests to the list as well. πŸ˜€

I remember that when I was younger, we used to watch beauty pageant telecasts on TV. I was in awe with the western candidates then ‘coz a lot of them looked like live Barbie dolls. However, my fascination for beauty pageants have since waned over the years. So why am I writing about it huh?

You can say that for now, at least temporarily, my interest for a particular pageant was rekindled. I’m referring to the Miss World competition which is being held in Indonesia this year. What made me change my mind? Well, I’m rooting for a candidate from our country. She’s none other than Megan Young, a local actress, TV host, model, and now Miss World Philippines 2013. (Photo credit below: Rappler.com)

Megan Young, Miss World Philippines 2013

Megan Young, Miss World Philippines 2013

Megan Young has been around the local showbiz industry for a while now, mostly playing bit roles and doing hosting jobs. I’m a new fan since I started following a TV series that she starred in, “TV5 Misibis Bay.” The series ran for two months and it was really engaging! I even made screen shots from each of the episodes and posted it on my fan site over on Tumblr. (Photo credit below: Megan Young’s instagram account – @meganbata)

To make the long story short, I’m now following Megan Young’s journey in the Miss World 2013 competition. The coronation night is slated on 28th September 2013. By that time, we’ll know if she has succeeded in winning for the Philippines the first ever Miss World crown. In my heart, Megan Young has what it takes to be Miss World 2013. But until that time, I’m doing my part in supporting her and praying for her win too.

Do visit Megan Young’s Official Miss World Philippines Facebook Page. Click here.

Want to help Megan secure a Top 5 position?

1. Download β€œMiss World 2013” apps from Apple or Google Play Store. There’s a small fee (less than Php 50) that will go to Miss World charities.

2. Register your account and get two free votes!

3. Vote for Megan Young – Miss World Philippines 2013!

#forthewin #ForThePhilippines

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[18 Destinations] A Memorable Summer Getaway

This destination was supposed to be the fifth one, but I delayed posting due to some personal reasons. Anyway, making it Destination #6 wouldn’t be so bad.

We enjoyed this adventure back in May, a few weeks before classes started. The timing was just right. The rainy season has not yet set in but we did encounter the rain during our stay in Tagaytay. It’s a good thing though that the sun shone enough for us to enjoy some outdoor activities like the Tagaytay Zipline and horseback riding at Picnic Grove.

horseback riding

It was the first out of town activity for me and my daughter. I did some research on the place to stay and the places to visit. My daughter finalized the planned itineraries for the two days of getaway. What can I say? We make the perfect team! πŸ˜€

We stayed at The Windy Ridge Hotel. The location is strategic as it’s just a few meters away from the Tagaytay Rotonda. Plus, it has an awesome veranda view of Taal Lake! The place is quaint and cozy. We enjoyed the privacy. There’s wifi at the lobby, but we did have trouble with connection during the second day of stay, even though I brought my own wifi too.

The Windy Ridge Hotel

Anyway, our schedule was pretty packed. On the first day, we went to the Pink Sisters Convent to pray for blessings for our vacation. Amira’s Buco Tart haus was a bit near from there so we did trek on foot. On our way back, we dropped by Puregold for some groceries. After depositing our stuff at the hotel, we went to the Sky Ranch to try the Sky Eye. There are a few more rides there but we didn’t try them all. I have a feeling this place is going to get bigger soon. For dinner, we went to the famous MushroomBurger and tried the much talked about burger. Yummy!

Pink Sister Convent

The next day the sun was shining so brightly that we were elated. Our first stop was the Tierra de Maria with the 50-foot statue of Our Lady. It was such a tranquil and serene place… perfect for prayer and meditation. We went up to the rooftop and took some great shots of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. The view was perfect! It did rain quite hard. But the rain didn’t last long. Whew! From here, we took a jeepney ride to the People’s Park in the Sky. The main thing to see is the city of Tagaytay. Such an awesome aerial view indeed! We had lunch there and tried the Bulalo. It turned out to be a very expensive lunch!

Tierra de Maria

From the highest place in Tagaytay, we proceeded to the Picnic Grove, as my daughter wanted to experience horseback riding. I joined her in this activity. It’s been years since I last rode a horse, and it was fun though a bit scary at first. Then, we tried the zipline. It was my first time to try it! The view is perfect. I’m a bit afraid of heights so the feeling was a bit overwhelming for me. My daughter had the time of her life and even found the zipline too short and too slow. LOL! πŸ˜€ It was truly a tiring day!

We had a quiet dinner at a nearby food chain and spent the rest of the night at the hotel. I definitely miss my nightly coffee routine at the hotel lobby.

Taal Lake / Taal Volcano

We had such a great time during our two days of vacation. We really should do it again! Yey! There we have it… Destination #6 is done, 12 more to go! πŸ™‚

Be back soon for more destination updates… Ta-tah!

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