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Earn Extra Income as Boardwalk Personal Shopper

The rising cost of living pushes everyone.. and that includes me.. into seeking additional income in order to have more than enough financial resources to save for emergencies and miscellaneous stuff.

Boardwalk PH catalog

Boardwalk PH catalog

I actually grew up seeing my mom augmenting her income with direct sales.. from Tupperware brands, Triumph, Avon, and many more. She’s not that active lately anymore and I felt it’s high time I follow in her footsteps. Having extra income truly helps one overcome financial challenges.

Boardwalk PH summer catalog

Boardwalk PH summer catalog

For this year, I have finally taken the leap and joined Boardwalk Philippines earlier this year. BoardwalkPH is a local direct selling company that mainly sells clothing, footwear, fashion accessories and many more. The products are of high quality and have more than a few local celebrity endorsers. The company also has an online site (http://boardwalk.com.ph) and can be promoted as an online business. For more info on how to become a dealer or personal shopper, click here.

You can sign up for free and use my sponsor ID: HO098340.

Boardwalk PH blouse

Product detail: Akylah sizes: S-M-L (Mom’s blouse)

At the moment I still have a lot to learn about the company and its many products. Plus, I will need to promote it more so I could get more sales and hopefully, get to help more people in starting up with Boardwalk too. But I am truly happy to share that I got promoted from member to Junior Marketing Consultant (JMC) within two months of joining Boardwalk. I know I have a long way to go, but I am very eager and willing to learn so I could continually grow with the company and in the process, also help more people achieve financial freedom.

Boardwalk PH ladies' eyewear collection

Product detail: Verzuz (ladies’ eyewear collection)

That’s it for now! I will share more stories about Boardwalk PH soon. Till next time… ta-tah!

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[18 Destinations] Weekend Holiday Movie

Spoiler Alert. We’ve completed the 18 destinations journey before March 2014 ended! Yipee! I’m still dazed that we have actually achieved it, but we’re totally ecstatic that we’ve reached our goal. It’s time to plan for more adventures in the near future…

Malayan Plaza Tower entrance

Throwback. This post is about Destination #17, the second to the last adventure that we have experienced within our one year plan, Malayan Plaza Tower. And yes, I call it the weekend holiday movie adventure. You see, it’s also related to two other previously published posts.. the Boy Golden block screening at Podium Cinema and the Star City adventure.

Mom & Bea

Mom joined us for this adventure that happened over the Christmas break late last year. We were invited to join the Boy Golden block screening with the rest of the fans of KC Concepcion to be held at Podium Cinema. It’s located in another side of town and since the movie showing is happening late at night, we thought it best to check in at the nearest hotel.

city view 33rd floor Malayan Plaza Tower

It’s a good thing that the Malayan Plaza Tower also had some promos over the holidays. We not only got a good rate but we also got the 2 ride-all-you-can tickets to Star City.

swimming pool 33rd floor Malayan Plaza Tower

One of the first things we did when we got there was to explore the place. The hotel is 40 floors high — awesome! — and has fantastic views of the city. The pool is located on the 33rd floor. We didn’t go swimming though as it wasn’t part of our agenda.

helipad 40th floor Malayan Plaza Tower

I loved the city skyline and made sure I took some really nice photos. To get to the roof deck, we had to take the elevator to the 37th floor and the stairs for the rest of the way. The roof deck is where the gym is also located. There, we found out that there’s actually a helipad on the roof deck. Wow! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen one. It was quite an adventure and my daughter was so happy that I took a jumpshot photo of her while exploring the highest part of the hotel.

#jbsjumpshot Malayan Plaza Tower

Overall, we had an enjoyable time staying there. I love it that the room amenities include coffee and tea too. Plus, there’s a 7-11 store next door and the Podium Mall is just across the street. However, we were assigned to the 18th floor, and I did wish we could have gotten a higher floor with a nicer view.

room amenities Malayan Plaza Tower

That’s it for Destination #17. Watch out for updates on the last destination… Subic! WooHoo! 😀 Till next post… ta-tah!

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Tagaytay 2014: Puzzle Mansion

Lookback. The reason for my Tagaytay visit earlier this month was official. Let’s just say it came as one of the perks of being a freelance private tutor.

Puzzle Mansion, Tagaytay

The best part was that I got to visit two places I have long wanted to see. One of them was the Jigsaw Puzzle Mansion.

Puzzle Mansion is on the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest number of jigsaw puzzle collection.

Puzzle Mansion road

Before you reach Puzzle Mansion, there’s the steep climb down the entrance to the place that also houses a bed and breakfast. We hired a tricycle to reach the place and to take us back to the hotel where we’re staying too. But due to the steep road, the tricycle had to wait for us outside. It’s good exercise to reach the main mansion on foot!

Puzzle Mansion swimming pool

The place has a lovely garden and a swimming pool! There’s an entrance fee of Php 100, but you can stay as long as you like.

Puzzle Mansion gallery

Inside the gallery, you’ll find puzzles of all shapes, sizes, and themes. The collection even includes 3D puzzles. I especially loved the collection of 3D puzzles of the world’s famous landmarks.

3D puzzles, Puzzle Mansion

There are puzzles for the young and old alike to admire. I find museums fascinating, so I definitely had a great time looking at the thousands of puzzle collection.

Puzzle Mansion gallery

The most impressive puzzle for me was the one on the second floor. It was also the biggest puzzle that covered a big portion of the wall. It consisted of 32,000 pieces of puzzles. Amazing, isn’t it? I wonder if I would ever find the patience of putting together a puzzle as huge as that one!

32000 pc. puzzle, Puzzle Mansion

I had a great time. But I’m glad that I had more than enough energy left for the walk back to where our tricycle was waiting. Indeed, I can now claim that I survived the Puzzle Mansion road!

Puzzle Mansion road

More 18 destinations post coming soon! Till next update… ta-tah! 😀

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Enchanted Kingdom: Philippines’ First Theme Park

Ultimate Throwback. It has been awhile since I have last visited EK, but I have lots of good memories and enjoyable bonding moments with my daughter there.

Enchanted Kingdom Map

Enchanted Kingdom, sometimes dubbed as the “Disneyland” of the Philippines, actually opened its door way back in October 1995. It was the first and only theme park in the country then. I have not been to any other amusement parks outside of the country, but based on photos, Enchanted Kingdom is quite comparable to foreign theme parks.

It has seven themed zones that include Victoria Park, Midway Boardwalk, Jungle Outpost, Spaceport, Brooklyn Place, Portabello, and Boulderville. I will be sharing some of the many photos that I found in my collection. We have after all been to Enchanted Kingdom more than a few times. It had been a favorite venue for my daughter’s educational field trips in the past.

Victoria Park

Upon entrance to the park, this is the first zone that you come to. Here you can meet and greet the mascot of the park, Eldar the Wizard, and some entertainers donning costumes from the Victorian era.

Victoria Park

The Grand Carousel is the main ride attraction here.

Midway Boardwalk

This zone is the most colorful. Plus, it also has the most number of rides. You can find the Anchor’s Away, Dodgem, Roller Skater, Up, Up and Away, Bump N’ Splash, Wheel of Fate, and EKstreme Tower Ride. There’s also a video arcade that we liked to hide in whenever it gets too hot outside.

Midway Boardwalk

Jungle Outpost

This zone has the theme of the Amazon. It is interesting to find some totems and relics that were designed to copy those found in the jungles of the Amazon. The famous Jungle Log Jam and the Swan Lake rides are the highlights of the Jungle Outpost.

Jungle Outpost

In addition to the rides, there are tribal dancers and entertainers that breath fire to the place.

The Jungle Outpost is the area nearest to the food establishments. Here we took our lunch after having taken some photos.


This zone pays tribute to space exploration. The main attraction is the Space Shuttle, an 11-storey high triple loop coaster that turns upside down six times.

Space Shuttle

I’ve ridden it but once. I have to admit that I’m not exactly fond of the Space Shuttle ride.

Brooklyn Place

This zone rekindles the era of silent movies and slapstick comedies. The main attraction is the Rialto — a motion stimulator theater that combines sight, sound, and movement. You not only get to watch a movie, but you actually get to experience being in the movie!

Brooklyn Place

Movies shown are changed periodically. We’ve seen different films since we’ve started visiting the theme park a few years back.


Portabello is named after a place in Panama. It is the site of the Rio Grande Rapids, the biggest wet and wild attraction of the park. We usually reserve the best ride for the last as we get totally wet after the ride. I believe the Rio Grande is also the most popular ride in Enchanted Kingdom.


The Flying Fiesta, a giant swing ride, is located just right across the Rio Grande. This zone also houses the 4D Discovery Theater — a more interactive theater than the Rialto.


This zone takes you to the era of dinosaurs and prehistoric cartoon (think Flinstones). I believe this area is child friendly as my daughter rode most of the rides here when she was younger. It holds the Boulderville Express, Bumbling Boulders, Air Pterodactyl, Stone Eggs, and the Dinosaurus. It also houses the Rock Quarry and the Petreefied House –both play facilities for children.


Boulderville also has Dinosaur mascots and puppet shows to entertain the younger children.

Like I previously mentioned, I haven’t been to any theme parks overseas. Perhaps I will get to visit one or two Disney theme parks in the near future. For now, I will add that to my wish list. Till next post.. ta-tah!

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[18 Destinations] A Liquid Adventure

#Throwback. How fast time flies! It’s been almost a year since my daughter and I started her 18 destinations journey last year. You see, it’s her 18th year and instead of splurging it all on a one-night celebration, she opted to visit and experience 18 different adventures.

It was a pretty wise choice, I’d say, but when we started it last year I was wondering how we could pull it off. With a lot of prayers, the belief that we could somehow complete it within a year, and a little creativity, I’m now posting Destination #16. I must say it’s my favorite destination too.

Hotel H2O

So my daughter received an invitation last year for the debut party of one of her high school classmates. The party was to be held at Liquid Bar — a pool and lounge located next to Hotel H2O in Manila.

Liquid Bar and Pool Lounge

I have checked out the hotel website and thought the hotel was really classy. The rates somehow confirm it. However, when you book online and reserve in advance, you’ll have a chance of getting lower rates. That’s exactly what we did.

It was nearing Christmas that time so the hotel and the surrounding areas including the Ocean Park Adventure were filled with nice-looking Christmas lights and decor. There was a huge two-storey Christmas tree right in the middle of the facade. But the lights at the ground floor lobby area fascinated me the most.

Hotel H2O ground floor lobby

We booked a room facing the park area as that was cheaper, but upon checking in, we got an upgrade to a bay view area room. Wow! Now that’s my dream room! I especially loved the sunset view from our window.

Hotel H2O Bay View Room

One of the down side of having a room facing the bay was the long walk across the corridor. We even had to do some turns before reaching our room. Nonetheless, the view is well worth the long walk.

Hotel H2O hallway

We were welcomed in the room by a personalized greeting that was flashed on the big TV screen. Plus, the compliments were really cool! More than being a party night for my daughter, I knew I would enjoy my “me” time in the room.

Hotel H2O complimentary treats

White, black, or blue was the motif for party guests. My daughter opted for a blue dress. Come to think of it, her dress looked like a short version of Cinderella’s gown. Amazing indeed! 😀

blue cocktail dress

We trekked to the nearest mall to have her hair styled. Then I worked on her make up back at the hotel. So glad we had more than enough time before I escorted her to the party. Then it was alone time for me for a couple of hours. Yey!

I do so love the bonding moments we have during these adventures. When she came up in the room at past midnight, we even chatted a bit and went down to the coffee shop at the ground floor for a night cap. We slept late but had to wake up in time for breakfast the following morning.


Destination #16 was Hotel H2O and Liquid Bar. It was an enjoyable and memorable weekend with my daughter! Two more to go… with one more waiting to be drafted. Till next post… ta-tah!

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Fruit Smoothies for Better Health

What Is a Fruit Smoothie?

juice 4 all

By definition, a fruit smoothie is a blended and sometimes sweetened beverage made from fresh fruit. Fruits are mostly naturally sweet so I personally don’t believe fruit smoothies need to be sweetened. In most cases, you add crushed ice. You can also add milk, yogurt, or ice cream.

fruit smoothie tips

I don’t remember when I started liking smoothies. When I was a kid, all I remember is we liked our fruits fresh. Mom wasn’t into blending them. But wow! That was decades ago.

I started using the blender when my daughter, then a baby, started eating solid foods. I would especially prepare her applesauce — fresh from my handy blender. She loved it, and I totally believed it was better than commercially prepared foods for babies.

fruit smoothie tips

Favorite Fruit Smoothie Combinations

There used to be a neighborhood fruit smoothie stand near our home. We liked ordering from them esp. when we were on the go. They had specialty drinks that cost less than US$2.00 for a 16 0z. drink and less than US$2.50 for a 22 oz. drink.

Here are some of the fruit smoothie combinations and the benefit of each drink:

– Mango/Orange/Apple/Banana/Lemon (Anti-Oxidant)

– Apple/Banana/Kiwi/Mango/Pineapple (Vit. A, C, D, K)

– Guave/Apple/Orange/Peach/Mango (Vit. C)

– Orange/Peach/Banana/Pineapple (High Fiber, Vit. C)

– Apple/Melon/Watermelon/Lemon (Instant Energy Boost)

My Banana – Papaya Smoothie Recipe

Serves: 1 Prep Time: 10 Total Time: 15


1 cup papaya (peeled seeded and cubed)
1 ripe banana
1/4 cup yogurt milk
1 cup ice

fruit smoothie tips


1. Slice the papaya into cubes.
2. Peel and slice the banana into smaller pieces.
3. Mix the papaya, banana, and yogurt milk in the blender.
4. Add ice cubes.

*Optional : You can add sugar or simple syrup if you want it sweeter. You can also add more milk if you wish. It need not be yogurt milk.

fruit smoothie tips

Whereas fruit smoothies are yummy, opt for less sugar, and if possible, add green smoothies to your diet. Veggie smoothies help provide the balance.

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Do Pets Go Over the Rainbow Bridge?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but I sure hope they really do. Almost a year ago, I published this blog post below.

In Loving Memory of Our Guinea Pig Gin

our guinea pig Gin

It seemed just like yesterday, but it has been a year now.Gosh, how time flies indeed! Nea, our other guinea pig has been alone for quite some time now. He seems to be coping well. Previous attempts to get him new playmates didn’t quite work out, so we have left him alone. I honestly think he likes it that way. Strange but true.

I still miss Gin on some occasions. When we lost him, I wrote a poem the remains unpublished till today. I just want to share it here as I believe it’s quite timely.

My heart is aching,
Yes, it’s breaking!
Losing Gin has left me crying.

Don’t worry I’m coping,
Though at times still sulking.
The loss so sudden and rather shocking.

I don’t wanna be sad
Or I might go mad.
Sometimes I miss Gin really bad.

I’ll just think he’s gone
Over the rainbow bridge and beyond,
Where one day we’ll be together as one.

Wherever Gin is at this time, I hope he’s having a grand time playing with other guinea pigs over the rainbow bridge. Till we meet again, Gin, in due time…

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