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Welcoming 2015

Yup! Another year has come and gone. It’s that time once again when we find ourselves welcoming another year. It’s now 2015! How fast time flies indeed! Like most individuals, I do have lots of plans and ideas for this year. I guess it’s just a matter of fulfilling them all that really counts. I try to keep it simple. Life, after all, is better off without all the complications we bring to it. 

It’s a time for new beginnings as well as new challenges in life. One need only be ready and flexible. Honestly, I don’t know whether to be excited or apprehensive to find out what’s in store for me this year. The year past was not so bad in terms of financial gain. I did have more work, but I did get more pay. It was I would say just right. I’m still saving up for that one thing I’ve been working hard for the past few months. Hopefully, I would be able to tick it off my list before the month ends. Inshallah! 

Then I’m also starting on a new project. I recently discovered it on Instagram and just signed up for it. I will keep you posted on any progress that I make. It sounds really interesting and I’m excited to become a part of it. 😀

This January will be a busy month. The Papal Visit is scheduled for the third week of this month. The whole nation seems preoccupied with the preparations. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not much of a religious fanatic to fuss over it. It would be good to pray for the whole nation and the future of mankind. Perhaps that would help make lives better, though praying alone wouldn’t solve anything. We, as a people, still need to get up and do something. But I don’t really want to get into that right now. I just wanted to have a new year post to welcome 2015… for good vibes and positive thoughts! 😀

Well, that’s it for now. May 2015 be a better year for all of us. Till next update… ta-tah! 

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On Starting a Creative Journal

Before the year ended, I have started working on an art project on Instagram. (Hashtag: #rcscraftadayproject) The reason is simple. As much as I’d love to do daily blogging, some days I’m just not into expressing my thoughts and ideas. But since there are lots of stuff going on in my mind, I thought of releasing some of it in the form of a daily creative journal. I may not be wordy at times, but I sure have lots going on in my head that I need to somehow release them a day at a time. 

#rcscraftadayproject front page #creative #journal start of something new #stressbuster #art #project #PhotoGrid

A photo posted by ? Rosyel Sawali ? (@itsmeraincrystal) on

I’m relatively new to the world of journaling. And admittedly, I have much to learn, but I’m cherishing every moment of it. I’m thankful there’s Instagram where a lot of other individuals share their crafts and talents. I’m not much of an artist either — mainly doing some doodling and drawing here and there. But I do enjoy creating my art journal one page at a time. As of this writing, I’m into day 40 of my creative journal. I’ve started by working with pencils, crayons, and color pencils. But right now, I’m expanding to poster colors as well as washi tapes or decorative paper tapes. My first batch of washi tapes was bought at a Daisho Japan shop that opened in my neighborhood mall. From there I found a reliable online shop (Craftee Dandee) where I ordered my first stash online. I plan to explore more in the near future. For now, I will work on using what I have on hand. After all, that’s also another reason for starting a creative journal — to recycle unused resources.

The year is coming to an end soon. But I do plan to continue working on my creative journal. In fact, my 2015 creative journal is now a work in progress. I will be sharing more photos soon on my Instagram page. (Click here for my Instagram account.)

Gotta go work on some pages now. I hope you are still enjoying your holiday break. Happy New Year 2015! Till next post update… ta-tah!

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Typhoon in December

Times are indeed changing. And yes, we’re expecting a storm in December no less! It’s just a few days before Christmas — 17 days to be exact — and yet we just had a class suspension bulletin for NCR (National Capital Region) for today December 8th. It’s been just a year and a month ago when the country was hit by a devastating super typhoon (YolandaPH). Tacloban and other Visayan provinces were badly hit. Now it seems that some folks are reliving the nightmare. I do hope that Typhoon Ruby (RubyPH) — international name: Hagupit — hasn’t wreaked as much havoc as the typhoon last year. 

I haven’t seen any news updates on the damage that this typhoon has done. I honestly don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. But I have seen bits and pieces of photos via Twitter. They don’t look too good. Well, the worst isn’t over yet. The typhoon is still in the country and won’t be exiting the Philippine area of responsibility till Thursday — or so I heard via the late night news earlier. 

Here in Manila, we haven’t experienced heavy rains yet, but the wind is picking up. It sure feels cold outside. We have yet to find out how badly it will affect the metro as I read somewhere that effects of the typhoon will be felt around 8-10 p.m. tonight. I sure hope and pray that all will be well after the typhoon passes. Inshallah!

Well I better get right back to work at the moment. I hope we won’t lose power and Internet connection tomorrow night. Until next time… do stay indoors as much as you can. Be safe everyone!

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Work Work Work

I love my work

Life happens. It truly does, and so does work work work. I can’t complain esp. since I love what I do. Besides, not everyone gets paid for what they like to do. Life is awesome. Yes, it’s great! So, what’s been keeping me busy since the last time I posted here? I’ve taken in more tutorials than before. Come to think of it, I kinda missed part of doing that kind of thing. I’m thankful for online resources and the fact that there are more available free materials now than ever before. Nonetheless, I still make my own resources from time to time. I think that’s something that I need to work on — come up with some e-book of all my self-made resources and make them available online. Now that’s an idea that I would need to follow through on. 

I still have a few backlogs on here. I haven’t written on the 18th destination that we completed last March.. and it’s now October! How time flies indeed! Plus, I intended to write about the book fair we’ve been to last month. Wait, that was a month ago now? Bummer! We’ve also been able to watch a beauty pageant live for the first time ever! That was last week… I wonder when I would actually find the time to organize my clutter and finish up all my backlogs. I need a lot of will power to do just that at the moment.

Anyway, this post is just to keep things updated. Halloween is just around the corner. I know I’d miss Squidoo and the earnings around this time. But life goes on. It’s time to keep scouting for more online earning opportunities. Well, I gotta go for now. I’ve got an early morning start later. It’s for my weekend tutorials. 😀 Life is indeed good! Till next post… I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Ta-tah!

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Loom Band Fascination

loom band bracelets

I’ve always considered myself to be an arts and crafts person. And yes, I’ve made some personal scrapbooks in the past as well. The loom bands craze has been ongoing for a while now, at least locally, but my interest was not piqued until my tutees made some loom band bracelets for me. I guess you could say I got curious about it. I thought to myself why not try and learn something new this time around?

loom band charm bracelets

I tried learning how to crochet when I was younger, but no one was there to really teach me how. Nowadays, there’s digital technology that one can run to for such learning. So I turned to one place where I knew I would find lots of videos on how to make a loom band bracelet — YouTube! Whoa! I learned that there were too many to choose from. Ha ha ha! Now it’s a matter of choosing from all the videos posted on there. 😀

Well, I wasn’t sure I’d like it so I just initially borrowed my niece’s loom band kit. It’s been lying around for a while and she doesn’t seem to be actively working on any loom bands for now.

Starler loom band, single triple link band

On my first ever attempt, it took me hours to complete one bracelet! It turned out that I chose a more advanced design than one usually starts with. A few trials and errors after and I was all set! Now I can proudly say that I’ve worked on at least a dozen loom band bracelets with different designs. It feels so good to be able to learn something new. I have not only learned how to use the loom band kit, but I’ve also learned how to make charms and bracelets with only a crochet hook!

Starburst loom band, ladder loom band

Well, I’m off to make some more charms for now. Till next update… ta-tah! Be safe everyone!

loom band charms

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Happy Three Years!

cake 3 years

The month was July, and the year was 2011 when I started this blog site. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been three years. I remember having a lot of grand ideas back then. I still do except I need to make a few adjustments.

Whereas I started the site to highlight on my online earning adventure, I opted to add a bit of personal touch and voice to it. That’s why I featured a few adventures that my daughter and I engaged in. And I will be adding a few more in the days to come.

I’ve admittedly been quiet on here lately. It happens sometimes when I have not much to share, or when I don’t really feel like sharing much of anything. I’ve been trying to battle with that feeling for quite some time now. Sometimes I win, other times I just let life happen.

One thing for sure is I’m still very much around. Feel free to say hello if you want to keep in touch!

The year 2014 is halfway through, but I remain optimistic that the best is yet to come! Till next post… and many more years to come!!! Ta-tah!

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And I’m Back Online…

So what’s it like to be offline for around a week? Wow! I surely didn’t expect that I would actually get to experience that in this day and age. But I guess it was an eye-opener too. I feel that I got to appreciate more offline stuff that I used to enjoy before the outbreak that is the Internet… lol!

It’s definitely not easy as I do have online marketing stuff I need to work on. I’ve realized how expensive it is to get connectivity. It’s definitely an investment. And so the ROI needs to be taken into consideration as well. But I do have a better appreciation for things around me. At least now I will definitely make a mindful decision not to waste any of my precious time on nonsense stuff online.

Anyway, the main reason was a busted modem. It was just a replacement model for the other busted one last month. I guess it was getting old that it needed a replacement. So now we have a new one, plus I’ve decided to get an upgraded service. I hope that we’ll be getting faster and more efficient connectivity in the process. It should be better for my online work and the research work that my daughter needs to do for school.

That’s it for now! I got lots of catching up to do with online work… till next time! Ta-tah!

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