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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #34)

Tip #34 — Create Special Offers


If you’re building a list, you’d definitely want to create special incentives and offers for your members. You’d want to make these extra special.. something that your members can only avail of by being on your list.


The special incentives and offers can come in various forms. It could be a special discount that you negotiated with another product owner. If you own the program, it could be an added bonus from purchasing from you.




You can hold special sales where you drop the price for a limited time. Offer to bundle in some Resale Rights or Private Label Rights. Or even offer personal coaching to exclusive members.


You definitely want to treat your list members like gold. After all, you do want to have customers for life!


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Hot Seminar Series 2012

From Solopreneur Kelly McCausey of solosmarts.com!

This year’s theme: “Playing the Internet Marketing Game”The seminar will run Monday nights from July 9th till August 27th. I think it’s a great way to spend the summer learning how to take your business to the next level!

I’m definitely interested in attending and learning more so I could set up a really stable online income. If you’re like me, feel free to sign up too! Oh, did I mention it’s free to join? Click the banner below for more information… 

Hot Seminar Series 2012


Happy 1st Anniversary!

happy 1st anniversary

Wow! I can’t believe how fast time has flown. It seemed just like yesterday when I started to work on this site. As I still struggle to get back to normalcy of events around me, I would like to take time out and write about thisย  first anniversary post. So many stuff to do and accomplish yet so little time! Yes, even though I do freelance tutorials and try to make a breakthrough at working from home, I still feel the pressure sometimes. I can’t complain though as there are many benefits to working from home and close to home that not everyone enjoys — no long commute, no hassle with daily traffic or bad weather, and countless other blessings I could think of.

My regular blogging schedule is a work in progress. I still need to find the perfect balance and sync of being able to accomplish all the tasks that I want and need on a daily basis. Yes, I’m a tickler for details and I do maintain a “to-do” list. Sadly, it just adds to my realization that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough for me to accomplish all that I want. LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€

All righty, I need to wrap up this post now. Once again, Happy Anniversary to my site! ๐Ÿ™‚


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101 List-Building Tips : (Tip #33)

I’ve made a summary for most of the previous posts on List-Building Tips 101. That was actually two weeks ago — prior to my operation. I’m still working on getting back on track and recovering as speedily as I can. Anyway, here are two more entries before I proceed with the rest of the list-building tips.


Part VI : How To Make Money with Your List


Tip #31 — Promote Affiliate Products


Tip #32 — Promote Your Own Products


Tip #33 — Presell The Product

You may want to presell the product, whether it’s your own product or an affiliate product that you’ve tried and tested.

Preselling simply means you warm up your readers or subscribers before you actually send them to a sales page.

Don’t hype the product or tell lies about it. You don’t want to lose your credibility. Instead, highlight some of the great features of the product, then present it in a way that your readers would appreciate that you recommended it to them. In other words, present them products that you believe will truly help them do their work better or help them increase their own sales.


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101 List-Building Tips Summary (3)

Part IV : Writing Money-Making Autoresponder Messages


Tip #21 — Consider the 3-to-1 Formula


Tip #22 — Study the Basics of Copywriting Before Getting Started


Tip #23 — Focus On The Subject Line


Tip #24 — Study Autoresponder E-mails That You’ve Responded To


Tip #25 — Consider The Length of Your E-mails


Part V : Relationship Building Secrets


Tip #26 — Keep The Long-Term Results In Your Mind


Tip #27 — Showcase Yourself As An Expert


Tip #28 — Show Your Members Real Results or Data


Tip #29 — Show Your Readers That You Care


Tip# 30 — Ask For Their Feedback


I strongly recommend that you click on each of the links for more details on each of the featured tips. I have added my own insights into each of them, so feel free to read through and give me your feedbacks.

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101 List-Building Tips Summary (2)

In the previous summary, I featured List Building Tips #1 – #10. Here’s the second part of the summary. Feel free to click on each of the links, just like in the previous summary. The tips come with more insights from me. You are most welcome to give your insights and comments as well. I’d love to hear from you!

Part III : List Building Basics


Tip #11 — Choose A Good Domain Name


Tip #12 — Get Reliable Hosting

Tip #13 — Sign Up With A Good Autoresponder Company

Tip #14 — Always Get Permission


Tip #15 — Make List Building A Priority

Part IV : Writing Money-Making Autoresponder Messages

Tip #16 — Understand The Difference Between Follow-Up and Broadcast Messages

Tip #17 — Think About How Often You Should Send Messages

Tip #18 — Carefully Craft Your First Message

Tip #19 — Decide When To Make Your First Sales Pitch

Tip #20 — Split Test For The Perfect Balance

(to be continued…)

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101 List-Building Tips Summary (1)

Here’s a bit of a summary of the previous posts I have published on this site. Feel free to click on each of the links for details to each of the featured tips. I have added my own insights to each of them.

Part I : Why Build A List?

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