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[Blogging Tip] Read A Lot!

Blogging Tip
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So you want to write with more confidence, right? But you don’t know how or where to start. I totally know how that feels. After all, I was a newbie too more than two years ago. I’m no guru, nor have I learned all that need to be learned. There is indeed a long way to go. But take small steps each day and you’ll eventually reach where you want to go.

If you don’t know where or how to start, my suggestion is that you go and research other blogs that have a similar topic. Read and read some more. Doing so can help you build confidence. How?

  • You will realize that you can write better than most bloggers. That surely builds your confidence. It also helps you write a better article on the topic.
  • You will get to read a lot of really good articles. You can then learn from the experts and incorporate or adapt some of the styles into your own writing.

 So go ahead and start reading. Then start your own blog. I’ll be back with more blogging tips next time. 🙂

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Bonifacio Day — Let Us Remember the Hero!

Andres Bonifacio Are you excited today because it’s a holiday — Bonifacio Day? Perhaps you’re planning to spend most of the day catching up on lost sleep… or maybe trekking to the nearest mall for your Christmas shopping agenda. I think that’s great, but I hope you will also remember why we’re celebrating the occasion.

It is after all Bonifacio Day — the day we commemorate the birth of Gat Andres Bonifacio, the father of the Katipunan — a Philippine revolutionary society founded in 1892 by anti-Spanish Filipinos in Manila. But indeed, what do we know about him? Sure I’ve learned about him in school a long time ago. It’s a good thing that I’m doing tutorials so that my pool of knowledge stays updated to what’s being currently taught in elementary schools. Even the current photo that I also saw in the book and featured here looks a bit different from the ones I remember from my old school days. Alas, I’ve learned that we should always keep ourselves updated with matters that bring about national pride.

So do take the time to read up more on Gat Andres Bonifacio. I found a few articles that I believe are worth reading…

Bonifacio reveals fervor in writing 

Celebrating Andres Bonifacio’s 150th year 

Was Bonifacio ambidextrous?

Plus I found an article that has details on… 

Back-to-back Bonifacio documentaries air Bonifacio Day on GMA News TV  

I hope to wake up in time to watch these back-to-back documentaries. I guess you can say I’m nuts when it comes to our nation’s history, even if I won’t officially consider myself a historian. I’m just an enthusiast and — I’d like to think — also a patriot who loves her own country. 🙂 

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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – Nov. 28, 2012

I didn’t know about this until I heard on the new last night. Then this morning I’ve been searching for articles and images on the penumbral lunar eclipse. Alas, now I know why the moon glowed too brightly. I did share the full moon photo from the other night. It glowed just as brightly last night too. I guess I’m just fascinated with natural occurrences that’s why I even mention it here. 

Here’s one article with image from The Huffington Post. Below is a sample of a penumbral lunar eclipse shared on Wikimedia Commons.

Penumbral lunar eclipse Aug 6 2009 John Walker

Here is a video that I found on the local news about the penumbral lunar eclipse last night.

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Full Moon in Binondo… Awoooo!

I have long been fascinated with the full moon. In the past, I would even spend some time moon watching and even light a scented candle during the occasion. Last month on Halloween night, I took photos for the first time of the full moon that night. Ah, I love the photos! Well, I’m no professional photographer but I’d like to share the photos here just the same. It’s a great way for me to remember how much I like the full moon anywhere, esp. here in Binondo where I reside. 😀

Full Moon in Binondo

I don’t know about you, but maybe the reason why I’m fascinated with the full moon is that it is associated with some folklore (like lycanthropy). Yes, I’m probably more a werewolf than a vampire person. However, it is worthy to note that I am not a Twilight Saga fan. I just want that cleared. LOL! 😀

I remember laughing when I once read a quote from my Facebook timeline. “In my younger days, we were scared of vampires and werewolves; nowadays, everyone wants to date them!” Or something to that effect. 

The full moon is also said to be associated with temporal insomnia or insanity (hence the terms lunacy and lunatic). And even if science claims that no such connection exists, I still believe that a few people are greatly affected by this full moon phenomenon. It is quite evident in their mood swings and somehow irrational behavior during the full moon. They somehow tone down or mellow down once the moon phase changes.

The full moon is important to Wiccans too. It’s a great time to recharge and renew positive and good energies. It’s even great for renewing energies on crystals and other gems. It is of course up to you whether you will believe such a thing. I just happen to find full moon nights special.

Full Moon in Binondo November 27 2012If you didn’t see it, last night’s full moon was awesome! I couldn’t help take another shot at it. My daughter took the photos and she couldn’t reach up high enough so you’ll see part of some railings. Nonetheless, the full moon was spectacular! 🙂

Anyway, it’s good to share my moon photos here. During last month’s Halloween celebration on Squidoo, I shared a lens on my top three favorite werewolves. Do visit it too! Ta-tah! Till next time…

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Happy Birthday, Papsy!

white roses‘Tis the day to remember and commemorate my late dad’s birthday. It would have been his 68th. Sadly, we didn’t even expect him to be gone too soon. And here he used to joke that he wouldn’t reach my daughter’s 18th birthday. Little did we know that he was right. You see, we lost him almost three years ago. My daughter just turned 17 this year. Alas, life is unpredictable and my dad was right. We need always to expect the unexpected.

papsyMy dad may be physically gone, but with all the things I’ve learned from him, it sure feels like he’s still very much around. I was daddy’s girl, but we had our differences. We even fought countless times esp. when he had a little too much to drink. Honestly though, I’d rather just remember the good memories. The sad memories are best kept away and only lessons learned remain.

I guess death in the family forces you to take a long hard look at life and reassess what truly matters most. And no, it doesn’t get better. I think the passing years just dull away the pain. You come to a realization that the loss is permanent and accept it. For after all, life goes on. So,on this day, I just want to remember that it’s my dad’s birthday. Happy birthday, Papsy! And at this point in time, I just want to thank him for everything. 

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A Wedding Like No Other…

That’s what they called the Zoren-Carmina Wedding. Well, I would somehow agree. At least I haven’t witnessed a wedding wherein the bride herself was surprised that she was getting married!

Well, for friends and readers who don’t know the two, here’s a little backgrounder. Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel are both local Philippine celebrities. They’ve been together for around 12 years and have been blessed by lovely twins — Cassie and Mavy. Their family is rather well-known and ideal esp. in TV commercials of a known ice cream brand.

I usually don’t stop what I’m doing online to watch any TV show, but this was one special that I didn’t want to miss. I guess it’s human nature to be curious about such stuff. It was well-talked about for around a week now because of the surprise factor of the wedding. You see, it was all planned by the groom himself — with a lot of help from others naturally. But it was kept secret from the bride who thought that they were just doing another TV commercial shoot.  

So what did I think of the event? It’s a beautiful wedding. I think it’s totally awesome the way it was planned and hidden from the bride herself. Perhaps if someone would come up with a “wedding of the decade” poll, this is one wedding I would vote for. 🙂

It truly is heartwarming to witness such an expression of love between a couple! Below is the video on YouTube as shared by the official wedding photographer — NicePrint Photography.

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Digital Photo Restoration

I’m pretty sure you will agree with me that memories, esp. of family and loved ones, are worth keeping and remembering for a long, long time. This is another reason why I also decided to embark on this personal project that I have added to my daily to-do list. I must admit that it will take a while before I completely finish this task as Mom has lots of photo albums waiting to be scanned and digitally stored.

Mom loves photographs. She has accumulated more than a few dozens of photo albums through the years. I must admit they all need to be organized and kept properly. We are much in need of some more living space. Although I’m totally fond of memories, I certainly wouldn’t want them totally take over my living space.

Time was when digital technology was a topic for science fiction stories. Nowadays, it’s the modern thing. Whereas we needed to have films developed long ago, almost everyone has smartphones now that even digital cameras are fast becoming renaissance (I’ve seen this term in one article I have encountered).

So far I have successfully scanned and edited around four of Mom’s old albums. I started with the ones that needed more attention. I will then upload the photos in Photobucket and also save them on CD’s. Then put all the photos together in one huge container to preserve them all. 😀

All righty, now that I have planned my course of action, I can now then start implementing them day by day. It’s a lot of work, but I know I’ll finish it eventually. Till then… I’ll leave you with two samples from the old photos. You’ll definitely want to preserve these photos if they were yours! 

Big Sis and Lil Bro

 my brother and me (I was 5)

Mom — her engagement to Dad
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