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[Blogging Tip] Correct Practice Makes Perfect!

Blogging Tip
Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Marco Cesar Saenz, via Flickr Common

I remember that my late dad used to say that a lot, “Correct practice makes perfect.” If you truly want to be good at doing something, it takes time, patience, and yes, a lot of correct practice. Take note of ‘correct’ for there is a chance you are practicing it wrongly. However, when it comes to writing — blogging for that matter — I realized that you always improve with practice. The more you write, the more comfortable you are with the process. Ideas flow freely and easily the more you do it. It’s like the thinking process too! If your brain is trained to think, you won’t even need to exert a lot of effort to do it as it comes naturally. But that’s another matter entirely. Let’s focus on writing or blogging.

So where do you start? Try writing journal entries or even blog posts, as often as you can. Write anything you like, but writing about something that truly interests you is easier as you’ll feel that you can let ideas flow freely. It comes out naturally, just like sharing your interests or interesting stories with friends or family. And with each blog post that you have completed, you will feel more confident.

Do you want to practice? Try these sites…….

  • 750words.com – perfect brain dump, no editing needed, what you write is private, no worries of anyone else reading it but you, like an online journal
  • Blogger.com – set up your site and get published today. You can link it to your gmail or google account. It’s an easy to use and free platform.
  • Tumblr.com – can be a good alternative to Blogger, in my opinion. I like it better for photos, quotes, links, or videos. It’s also easy to use and free. 

If you want to see some samples, here are the links to two of my sites, one with Blogger and the other with Tumblr…….

Need help getting started? Feel free to drop me a line or two. I’d be happy to help you with your questions. Come back for more tips next time! Enjoy your week! 😀

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Christmas Silver Bells Special at Solo Smarts

Kelly McCausey has launched her Christmas Silver Bell Specials at Solo Smarts. This will run all the way through Christmas Eve. There’s a 50% commission in store for all affiliates! Follow the link for more details…….

Kelly McCausey provides coaching to all aspiring solopreneurs out there! She provides a lot of very useful resources as well conducts motivational webinars to all interested. I’m learning all that I can. Click on the banner below to find out more about this Christmas Special!

Christmas Silver Bell Special

Planet X Nibiru: Fact or Fiction?

V838 MonPhoto is from Wikipedia page on topic about Nibiru cataclysm. It’s supposed to be V838 Mon, a star with an expanding light echo (often mistaken for Planet X Nibiru or is it?).

Anyway, you must be wondering about my latest read. It’s a rather vague yet interesting story that one might say would border on science fiction.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a science fiction buff, though I have nothing against it. Hey, I’m a fan of the Roswell TV Series. I even wrote a Squidoo lens about it. (Read The Ultimate Guide to Roswell TV Series.) Still, I’m more of an outsider to all talks relating to science and the universe, esp. when the talk would border on alien life forms. But that’s another matter.

I just felt that I’d share something I came across just a couple of days ago. I’ve been reading much about it, but have yet to complete my readings. Apparently, some folks have been studying this topic for a long time now. It would most definitely take me longer to catch up. I’m talking about Planet X Nibiru that’s supposed to be in our solar system orbiting the sun and causing all the cataclysmic changes that we have been reading as of late. Well, for sure, a lot more studies need to be made on this, if indeed, there is such a heavenly object as Planet X. NASA and other scientists have debunked this theory and even has this FAQ page on “Beyond 2012: Why The World Won’t End.”

My take on this is whether it is true or not, we have lives to live. Each day passes on too quickly and we strive to do what we can with the limited time that we have. If the world is truly coming to an end,  esp. through forces beyond our control, we could only do our best to prepare ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. What’s important is, while you have time on this planet, to do as much good as you can, influence as many lives as positively as you can, and help as many needy as you can. Then when it’s time to go, you know that you have given it your all. Life isn’t so bad after all, right? 🙂 Oh, and it wouldn’t be bad either if you keep yourself informed of what’s happening around you. We can’t always rely on the news or the government. Read and be informed. Have a great life!

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Book Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. It is interesting to note that I have not really heard of this book until I was asked to assist one of my tutees with his book report.

This book has an interesting set of characters beginning with the main protagonist, Christopher John Francis Boone, a 15-year old boy who is mathematically gifted but has no understanding of human feelings and emotions. According to the reviews, Christopher’s seemingly special condition is not explicitly stated. Neither does the author delve into the issue of autism. But Christopher has displayed a lot of symptoms of being a special teen.

Nonetheless, he was able to solve the murder of his neighbor’s poodle, Wellington. But eventually finds out many vital things about his family, like his mother is not really dead but has run off with a neighbor’s husband; his father killed Wellington in a fit of anger with their neighbor whom he was having an affair. Christopher even managed to journey on his own to find his mother in London. In the end, Christopher’s mother returns to Swindon with her son and Christopher’s father gets to visit him to rebuild lost trust. Also, Christopher takes his A-level mathematics exam and aces it. The novel ends on a positive note with Christopher gaining self-confidence and even plans on eventually attending university.

In my opinion, it is an interesting novel. In fact, I would have liked to read it in detail. I sometimes can’t understand how most students of today find the pursuit of knowledge rather tedious and would rather rely on someone else helping them out with homework. It certainly was different in my time. Sure, we had less in terms of technology — no Internet to serve our research needs even when I was attending the University, but that didn’t stop us from learning all that we can. Just like the novel, I’d like to end on a positive note. I guess that if there aren’t any students needing guidance, then freelance tutors such as me would serve no purpose. At the end of the day, we do what we can with what we have. I’m just glad for the extra income. 😀

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What Does Christmas Mean to You?

Christmas at Lucky Chinatown MallIt’s 20 days before Christmas. Oh yes, how fast time flies indeed! I don’t even know where the rest of the year has gone. All I know is that 2012 is coming to an end. Soon it will be 2013!

So who’s counting down to Christmas? If you’re like most folks, you have probably started counting way back in September.

So what does Christmas mean to you? Shopping? New Stuff? The latest gadget? Seriously! Well, for me it means “Simbang Gabi.” For years, I have kept this tradition. In fact, I’m the only one in the family to still follow this tradition. It truly means a lot to me. In the past, I have trekked alone to the nearest church at night to enjoy this once-a-year holiday tradition. The past year saw some changes as I instead attended the “Simbang Gabi” early morning around 3-4 am on TV. True, it’s not the same thing. I just felt that I’m still keeping the tradition alive, but that it’s actually safer being home than being out there all alone.

Christmas, just like love, may mean different things to different people. For students, it means at least two weeks of Christmas break — yey no school! For employees, it may mean Christmas bonus or 13th month pay — yey time to splurge the year’s hard-earned money on material things! For the poor, it may mean getting more from donations of food and clothing shared by the well-to-do at this time of the year!

Whatever Christmas means to you, I suppose it won’t be complete without the usual festivities and gatherings like Christmas party or get-together. Well, I haven’t celebrated Christmas that way for years now. This time of the year usually means less income for me as it is vacation time. So I’ve never really splurged much at this time of the year, preferring to enjoy the non-material side of the season and focusing on the real reason for its celebration.

I recently shared a Squidoo lens on the “Symbols of Christmas and What They Mean to Me.” I do invite you to read it too! Why not reflect and review what Christmas truly means to you too?

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[Monday Morning Breakthrough Reaction] Managing Your Mood

Monday Morning
Image: by Letsfolk (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I just listened to a webinar replay posted on Solo Smarts Blog & Podcast by Kelly McCausey. It’s a great start for a great week. I get to miss the webinar most times as it’s a bit tad difficult to multitask working on this little notebook that I’ve borrowed from my daughter. Anyway, this week’s topic is on “Managing Your Mood.” Indeed, how do you manage when you’re beset with lots of distractions and offline issues that affect your overall mood?

Often times, we let our moods manage us than the other way around. You hear this often enough from younger folks. “Don’t talk to me, I’m not in the mood.” Does that sound familiar? Is that you speaking sometimes? Well, it happens even to the best of us. After all, we are but humans. We come with emotions and mood swings.

It is interesting to note that we can actually manage our mood. Perhaps sometimes we just don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Well, here are some tips from Kelly’s Monday morning breakthrough on how to manage your mood…….

  • Think it out
  • Acknowledge the Real Problem
  • Choose a New Focus
  • Use music to foster your attitude
  • Limit negative input
  • Be around cool people! 

Go ahead and think it out. What is really bothering you? Perhaps there is an underlying reason as to why you’re not in a good mood. Sometimes, being honest with yourself really helps. Step back or step out of your zone for a bit. Look at the real issue at hand.

Listening to some feel good music really helps too. Plus, stop the negative inputs from drowning you. Sure there will always be issues. I believe that’s part of life, but the issues need not always bring you down. Tackle them one at a time. Some issues are better tackled when you’re feeling better and more upbeat.

I’ve always believed too that you are the company that you keep. I stay away from negative people or those who seem to focus more on what they don’t have rather than be thankful for what they do have. More often than not, it’s the attitude that really counts. Go ahead and try it! For once, try managing your mood, instead of being managed by it! 😀

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For more about Kelly McCausey, visit Learn with Kelly.


Weekend Movie Bonding: Rise of the Guardians

Easter Bunny EggYes, that’s an Easter Bunny, although it’s almost Christmas time. Well, that’s what our weekend movie bonding was. My daughter and I went to watch a movie called “Rise of the Guardians.” You see, she has been waiting for this movie for quite some time now. We’re finally glad it’s being shown in theaters. It was indeed another perfect time for a weekend bonding. 

That’s the trailer from the movie. It’s a good movie to watch for children, although younger children may need a bit more explanation. Locally, we’ve never really experienced snow and winter. But Jack Frost is quite familiar since he’s also mentioned in a Christmas song.

Apparently, Jack Frost is part of a lore and is often personified as the cold and frost of winter. He is supposedly mischievous and likes to leave frosty crystal patterns on windows. In the movie, he is depicted as a teen who is out to have fun esp. during winter. He was chosen by “the man in the moon” to be one of the guardians of children’s hopes and dreams. In “Rise of the Guardian,” Jack Frost comes to terms with his own issues and identity and realizes how important it is to be a guardian for the sake of children all over the world. It’s great to see Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy,  Sandman, and the Bogeyman (the antagonist) all together in one movie.  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I suggest you schedule some bonding time with your kids today! 😀

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