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[18 Destinations] The Beginning of a Dream…

My daughter is turning 18 this year. Yes, that’s how fast time flew by. It seemed just like yesterday when I was taking care of a tot. Now, she has grown into one fine young lady. I’m truly blessed to have a daughter like her.

For her 18th year, she dreams of visiting 18 different destinations. That’s not going to be easy considering the financial constraints. However, we both sat down and talked about the plans — which are still ongoing. We’re actually making them up as we go on. We’ve decided to fit the 18 destinations within the designated budget. That would mean that we need to be more creative and resourceful in determining the places we would be counting in.

The places need not be too far away or too exotic or even expensive. We plan to start with places we don’t usually trek or go to regularly. And yes, we’re starting with the metro which is where we are from. The main objective is to have fun and build memories together as we try to reach the goal of visiting 18 destinations.

I’m writing this early morning of Monday, so it’s yesterday when we started counting destination #1. Locally, it’s known as the M.O.A. Eye. Perhaps it’s not as grand as the London Eye or the one in Singapore (I dream of visiting both.), but this one’s closer to home.


The Mall of Asia (M.O.A.) Eye is a 180 ft. tall ferris wheel located at the SM by the Bay — the back of SM Mall of Asia complex. It has been open to the public since December 2011, but we’ve only discovered it recently. It’s also my first time to ride on it. It has 36 air-conditioned gondolas, each can hold up to a maximum of six passengers.

My daughter and I rode on one gondola. Naturally I took some photos. Each ride lasts for around ten minutes. We had an awesome time. It’s a great thing we were all done with the ride when the heavy rain poured down. What a fun day indeed! I hope the rest of the other destinations will be just as much fun. One down, 17 more to go…

Have a great week ahead! Till next post — ta-tah! 😀

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Awesome Roof Top View and Kindergarten Graduation

Today I fulfilled one dream — that of taking some roof top shots of the city at night. The building we live in is not tall enough for an awesome roof top view of the city. I’m so glad that I joined the kids — my tutees — in going up to the rooftop. Their building is close to 30 floors. The view is breathtaking. I’m just glad to have my camera with me too! Want to know what I’m talking about? Here’s one of the snapshots that I took…

city view at night

This was not the only great news from last night. One of my pupils also had his kindergarten graduation. I’m just so proud as he graduated at the top of his class and even delivered the valedictory speech! 🙂

Chester was just so happy to show off his awards. He also received a special Scholastic award for being an excellent reader. I’m also happy that a year’s hard work has produced positive results. 

Academic Excellence award

It truly was a remarkable day! Now I want to expand my collection of roof top photos! I already have one for full moon nights. So watch out for more photos next time around! 🙂 Gotta get some rest now.. till next post! 

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God Particle, New Pope and Habitable Mars

I’m no geek, but I do have a penchant for reading science news. Somehow news of scientific breakthroughs fascinate me. Plus, I do learn a lot more new stuff. After all, my academic background is non-science. With so many things happening around us today — weather changes, asteroid and comet sightings, flooding worldwide, and even sinkholes — I can’t help but develop a stronger desire to learn more about the earth and everything around us. I am of the belief that each individual is one with the universe and therefore very much a part of it all.

God particle — someone on YouTube mentioned that it was short for goddamn particle — since it has been quite elusive so far and that scientists have yet to fully establish that it does exist. I’m still in the process of absorbing what this “Higgs Boson” is so I’m afraid I can’t quite yet explain it in my own words. But I did find this interesting video that somehow explains what exactly is a Higgs Boson.

I hope you now understand a little more about it. On to another news, if you’re Catholic and have been keeping updates on what’s the latest, you must know by now that we have a new pope — Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio or more known as Pope Francis. To know more about the first non-European pope, here’s a video I found about him…….

Whether you believe in prophecies or not, I pray that the world will not be rocked by any more unfortunate incidents. I have heard of the prediction of the fall of the papacy since I was a kid. I pray that Pope Francis will not be the last pope. But whether that time really comes, only time will tell. And just today, I came by an article that mentions about Mars having the right stuff for life. A habitable mars? Why not! Indeed, I just wonder how much actual information is shared to the general public on matters that concern each of us. For all we know, some secret groups are already privy to the existence of extraterrestrial presence among us.

Here’s the video on Mars……. Enjoy!

And I’m exhilarated by the arrival of the weekend once again. As it is, I will have to work on my laundry as I missed my laundry night last night ‘coz I was feeling a little too tired. 😛 With that, I hope you enjoy your weekend! Till next post… ta-tah! 😀

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Planning a Vacation?

Acitrezza Faraglioni Moon Rise Sicilia Italy Italia - Creative Commons by gnuckx (4836339101)

Well, it’s almost summer break where I am. Times like this, many people are planning where to spend their summer breaks. Some people travel a lot whether locally or internationally. We are not vacation bums, mainly because it costs money to plan a trip. Yup! Sad but true, but having limited financial resources can sometimes be a deterrent to enjoying a good quality life. My daughter’s turning 18 this year. For now, she’s foregoing planning a debut party in exchange for going around places where she and I have never been to. I’d admit it’s a bit challenging doing the vacation planning because we do have to consider a number of factors. Here’s a checklist that I made. It’s the one I’m using in planning for our much longed for and much needed vacation…….

My travel checklist:

  • Budget
  • Location / Transportation
  • Travel Time
  • Accommodation
  • Activities (Things to do)
  • Incidental Expenses

I’m no vacation planning expert, but I figured that working with a checklist will help me plan it well. I’ll keep you posted on what comes out of my vacation planning. 🙂 For sure, it’s going to happen sometime soon. Till then, I hope you are having a great time… Till next post! Ta-tah!

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A New Beginning…

little guinea pig

After the heartbreaking story that I shared last time, I wanted to share something more hopeful, happier, and more cheerful. And so I call it “a new beginning.” I know I mentioned that we bought a new companion for Nea. My daughter and I have been making observations and letting the two guinea pigs know each other better. I’ve been taking photos and sharing them on Facebook. I’ve picked some photos from the first meeting and will be sharing them here via another video. On the photo above is our new and cute addition to the family — little Gen. 🙂

I hope that you’ll like the video that I made of our guinea pigs…

I’m a believer of new beginnings, so I’m hoping that this will be the start of many more happy experiences that I will be  sharing with you. Happy Wednesday to you! 😀

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In Loving Memory of Our Guinea Pig Gin

guinea pig

We’ll miss you Gin!

My daughter and I are in a little emotional roller coaster ride at the moment. The main reason is that we lost one of our beloved guinea pigs all of a sudden.  Yes, Gin, as we called our albino guinea pig, was my favorite.  I’m still in a little state of disbelief and shock. I was supposed to blog about it yesterday but was feeling too low to do so. But I know that I need to somehow deal with the emotions and carry on.

Death is part of life and a reality we all need to face. So instead of wallowing in grief, I choose to do something productive. Earlier, my daughter and I went to buy some gardening provisions. Yes, I’m planning to start growing some flowering plants in honor and memory of Gin. Wish me luck a bit here as I’m quite new to this.

In addition, Bea and I are aware that we have another guinea pig, Nea, who equally needs care and attention. Nea may also be feeling just as sad as we are since he would be all alone without Gin. So we also went out of our way to buy a new companion for Nea. We know we can’t replace Gin, and that he will always be in our hearts. I hope the story touches you and inspires you. PS. I made a tribute video for Gin…….

I’ll keep you posted on updates! I’ve got some catching up to do with online stuff. Till next post… ta-tah! 😀

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Xin Nian Kuai Le 2013 — Happy Chinese New Year

Free Orkut and My Space Chinese New Year Graphics Glitters

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the Year of the Water Snake! 🙂

I’ve been a bit under the weather, so I’m personally unable to go out and take photos. Instead, I went searching for some photos to share with you. Here’s one link that has nice photos.. PHOTOS: Chinese New Year in Manila.

Do you want to know your luck for the coming Year of the Water Snake? Here’s one guide that I found… Your Chinese Zodiac Sign’s Luck in the Year of the Water Snake.

Personally I will admit that I do sometimes consult the charts and my stars. However, I’m not totally dependent on them for my decisions. As far as I’m concerned, they are but guides. At the end of the day, we still have control over our own destiny. It’s best to be informed and to plan ahead. More importantly, continue on being positive, doing good things, and keeping your faith. Then, you know that all will be well.

Here’s a video on 2013 New Year Forecast…

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