They say life is short. Simply so, time flies. Therefore, let’s not waste the little time that we have on this plane of existence. It’s been a few months since my last post. I know I’ve been procrastinating.. finding excuses for not writing a new post. I’m not justifying it with any other explanation except that I’ve been lazy and as of late, a bit too cooped up with real life issues. Admittedly, I sometimes don’t feel like sharing stuff from my life. Hey, it’s not like I’m too popular for people to read my stuff, but when it’s posted out there, the world can see it. There are times when I’m not up to it.

It makes me wonder why then would I want to talk about wishes and bucket lists. I guess in a way I believe in the power of the written word. You see, I do keep a list of items I would want to do, to see, to buy, and many more. I’m not obsessed with planning too much, but I like to have a list of simple and basic stuff that I cherish and value. It comes in handy.. like when the time is right, then I’d know what I’d want to do. You get the point I’m sure.

The year started in a strange way. You see, I feel that I’m gifted with some sort of psychic aura. I don’t know where it comes from, but I do get nagging feelings of stuff happening or about to happen around me — ones that concern me mostly. So the year started with my getting this feeling of something changing.. not a very good change but a change nonetheless. Two months down the road, I now know what it was about. In a way, I’d like to believe I was prepared for it. But I digress.

You see, the year started with me being able to fulfill at least two items from my bucket list. Firstly, there was the get-together with Miss World 2013 Megan Young. Gosh, if you’ve followed my blog, you’d know I’m such a huge fan of hers.. since TV5 Misibis Bay days. I had to wait more than a year to finally meet her in person! And yes I did get that photo opp that I’ve been dreaming of!

Dream come true… An item off my #bucketlist #MissWorld2013 #MeganYoung totally ??? her! #TeamBata #fangirl #PhotoGrid

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Imagine my surprise when two weeks after that meeting with Megan, I got a call ( a text message actually) from my fellow Global Kachoochays. There’s a get-together set with none other than KC Concepcion herself! Oh my! I’ve been such a huge fan of hers since she started her first modeling stint with Human eons ago. She was a teen star then. She joined the world of showbiz back in 2008, and since then I’ve dreamt of meeting her in person. Alas, it was a long wait, but really well worth it!


There’s a third wish and another item on my bucket list that I’m currently working on. And that’s Be-Anne’s Trinkets & More — my online shop that I’ve been dreaming of starting up. It’s actually up, but I’m still in the process of getting customers who would actually purchase some stuff from my store. (Visit my FB page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.) I’ve a long way to go.. and still have much to learn.. but if I don’t take that single step, I’ll never get anywhere.

Another major item on my bucket list is Travel. Yup, I dream of traveling to as many places locally as I could. I would also love to get a chance to travel the world more. That’s wishful thinking for now. But when the year started, I discovered a site called It’s a postcard sending site wherein you sign up to send postcards to some random members. In turn, you’ll also get to receive postcards from random members all over the globe. It’s been almost three months since I joined, and I’ve more than a few postcards in my collection already. I post the details on my other blog site on Blogger, Random Thoughts on Rain’s Domain.

Well, this update has been rather lengthy. I’ll be back for more soon. Till next post… Ta-tah! ^_^

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