What is a niche market? Well, Wikipedia defines it as the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. Since it is a subset, it is more specific in terms of product features and is more geared towards specific market needs.

For example, you want to talk about bags, more specifically, ladies bags. That’s pretty general and can be broken down further into the different types of ladies bags; i.e. hobo bags, clutch bags, satchel bags, tote bags, messenger bags, and other types.

From there you can still break it down into more specific features. For example, you can look into the different types of hobo bags; i.e. b-low the belt hobo, bailey small pocket hobo, large expandable shoulder bag, street level averi jet hobo, urban expressions bridget bag, etc. These are just some of the different types of bags listed on ehow.com.

Defining the right niche is crucial to the success of a marketing campaign. Markets these days are becoming more and more competitive. What we want is to be able to define a profitable niche effectively. From there, you can brand yourself and hopefully build the number of your potential customers.

A giant niche is potentially nice, but in online marketing may not be worth much. You would need to dig deeper into a huge niche to target more specific groups. You will need to find smaller, “undiscovered” niches that can be profitable. I believe this is applicable in all the marketable products out there. But defining the right niche is not the end all and be all of your marketing efforts. On the contrary, it is just the beginning.

You see, defining the physical aspects of a niche is not enough. You will need to define the functionality or how your potential customers see the use/s of a product. Each potential customer sees each product differently.   Therefore, they would be looking for different things. This means you will need to have different marketing options. In effect, you will need to define each of the mini niches associated with your main niche in order to do “niche building.” You want to build up your niche by taking into account not just the physical aspects of the products, but also the many potential uses of the said products.

You can use our same example of ladies bags. In addition to the different types of bags, you can add the many uses a woman can have for such bags, like to carry her many essential items, to complement her outfit, for going to the beach or to the malls, for attending formal parties or night outs, and many other uses that you can think of.

Well, this is a good place to start, finding and defining the right niche. After which there are many more factors to consider like timing, location, gender, race, age, and even sexual preference. From hereon, you can start your keyword research for your targeted niche. I better get right on to it! 😀

This is indeed an attempt to write something serious. I hope that you are able to make sense of it all. 😀

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