Huh? Not familiar with the term? Well, it’s apparently a term coined from surfing the “Nerd” sites all at the same time. If you’re familiar with traffic exchanges, then it would mean viewing other sites to earn credits so others would also view your sites. The “Nerd” sites would refer to the 4 TimTech LLC sites — ILoveHits, StartXchange, Sweeva, and ThumbVu.

So how does one get started with “nerfing”? Well, you need to be a member of the 4 above mentioned sites plus ClickTrackProfit program too.

Above is a sample of the Nerd Surf page. You can access this page by clicking on the pair of glasses from the surfbar of any one of the 4 “Nerd” sites listed. To get started, you need to make sure that you have your CTP username listed on your profile page on each site.

Before you start “nerfing, ” you’d notice the pair of glasses would be in yellow. Once you’ve started “nerfing” in all 4 sites, the pair of glasses would be green. See example below…

These are screenshots of the surfbars of both ILH and SX. If you want to earn additional 10% credits, “nerfing” would be a good idea. I’m sure there are other power surf clubs out there; however, I honestly have not tried them out as I do have a list of TEs that I regularly surf in. “Nerfing,” on the other hand, sounds cool to me as I’m also into CTP. You know I’m a believer in the program or I wouldn’t have written two guide books about it. 😀 Next time you go surfing, you might want to give “nerfing” a try! 🙂

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