In the absence of a high powered telescope, I simply rely on my Olympus digital camera to take those awesome full moon night photos that I collect. I don’t consider myself an astronomer or anything of the kind, I’m just one of those moon watchers who has been fascinated with viewing the phases of the moon. The full moon is naturally my most favorite.

full moon april 25
The Moon Takes a Peek

Reading about the upcoming partial lunar eclipse, which of course was seen last night — that’s early am the following day for me — I felt that I simply shouldn’t miss it.

I’ve been taking full moon photos since late last year. It’s one of the perks of acquiring my very own digicam. I’m finally able to capture various stuff that appeal to me. Plus, I enjoy learning more about taking photos — one of my long-time interests.

full moon april 25
Love the Full Moon

Unfortunately, the sky view last night wasn’t too clear. I found it to be too cloudy, but I did manage to capture the brightly lit moon before the scheduled partial lunar eclipse.

I have this favorite place on the rooftop where I try to capture photos of the brightly lit moon. I started scouting the sky as early as 8 in the evening. I was a bit worried as the night proved to be gloomy. I managed to take even photos of the cloudy sky. LOL! 🙂

cloudy night sky
Cloudy Night Sky

My last photo of the full moon was around 2 a.m. — my local time — when the moon was supposed to start the penumbral eclipse. As for the partial eclipse, I just decided to watch it online via as I didn’t want to miss it due to the cloudy sky.

full moon april 25
Full Moon April 25 2013

Here’s a link to more Lunar Eclipse Photos at

Well, that’s it for now. I sure had a great time as a moon watcher! Till next full moon… Awooooo! 😀

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