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I just listened to a webinar replay posted on Solo Smarts Blog & Podcast by Kelly McCausey. It’s a great start for a great week. I get to miss the webinar most times as it’s a bit tad difficult to multitask working on this little notebook that I’ve borrowed from my daughter. Anyway, this week’s topic is on “Managing Your Mood.” Indeed, how do you manage when you’re beset with lots of distractions and offline issues that affect your overall mood?

Often times, we let our moods manage us than the other way around. You hear this often enough from younger folks. “Don’t talk to me, I’m not in the mood.” Does that sound familiar? Is that you speaking sometimes? Well, it happens even to the best of us. After all, we are but humans. We come with emotions and mood swings.

It is interesting to note that we can actually manage our mood. Perhaps sometimes we just don’t want to, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Well, here are some tips from Kelly’s Monday morning breakthrough on how to manage your mood…….

  • Think it out
  • Acknowledge the Real Problem
  • Choose a New Focus
  • Use music to foster your attitude
  • Limit negative input
  • Be around cool people! 

Go ahead and think it out. What is really bothering you? Perhaps there is an underlying reason as to why you’re not in a good mood. Sometimes, being honest with yourself really helps. Step back or step out of your zone for a bit. Look at the real issue at hand.

Listening to some feel good music really helps too. Plus, stop the negative inputs from drowning you. Sure there will always be issues. I believe that’s part of life, but the issues need not always bring you down. Tackle them one at a time. Some issues are better tackled when you’re feeling better and more upbeat.

I’ve always believed too that you are the company that you keep. I stay away from negative people or those who seem to focus more on what they don’t have rather than be thankful for what they do have. More often than not, it’s the attitude that really counts. Go ahead and try it! For once, try managing your mood, instead of being managed by it! 😀

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