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It’s summertime in my part of the world, so going on a tour or exploring places is the norm for most people. Nothing fancy here. Mom joins a faculty tour of Panglao Island, Bohol. It’s an annual benefit that teachers enjoy. I did encourage her to join as these group tours can be cheaper and thus, more affordable for the average person.

Whites and Greens Beach Front

You see Mom is a fan of Kris TV, that’s the morning show of Kris Aquino, a well-known media personality locally. She has seen the beautiful places that were featured on the show and dreamed of visiting some or even most of them. Well, she gets a chance to visit Bohol this summer.

Panglao Island, Bohol boating

They were scheduled from April 11 – 13. Since it’s summer break, almost all the faculty members were joining the tour. Mom came home yesterday afternoon and had fun stories to tell. I’m glad she really had a good time. They stayed at Whites and Greens Beach Resort and had a cottage facing the beach. I’ve shared some of the photos above. They had a bit of tour the first day since it was free day. She had done some shopping then. The second day was the tour day with the rest of the faculty members. She found the accommodation to be quite okay, but that they didn’t provide transportation to guests. They had to pay extra for the van that will take them on the day tour. They had lunch at the Loboc River Boat Ride and went to see the Philippine tarsier, native to Bohol. Also, Mom had a personalized t-shirt made. This took a bit more time and so her co-teachers went looking for her. 😀 LOL!

Philippine tarsier

She also had some photos taken and have shared them on her FB account. Overall, it was a tiring yet fun experience for her. She even had a photo by the famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Awesome! I hope that Bea and I would also get a chance to visit Bohol in the near future. I sure would like to explore the places that Mom has seen there.

Chocolate Hills Bohol

The Philippines has a lot of wonderful places that I would love to visit someday. I would just need to save up for them. Well, I hope you enjoyed what I shared today. Till next time… ta-tah! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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