Hey I’m back for some milestone updates. Yeah, I miss blogging on here. I’m too focused on other non-personal sites that I seldom share what I do personally. It’s a typical life.. I don’t really have anything exciting going on, but there are happenings worth noting every now and then.

Here I am for a bit of an overview of what’s coming. I will work on having an individual post for the items I will be mentioning below…

College Graduation

More than anything in the world, I’m a proud mom, as my bebe finally graduates this year from the Tertiary Level. Yey! Congratulations, bebeko! Mom is so proud of you!

Sagada Tour 2016

Another milestone is the Sagada Tour we booked a week after my bebe’s graduation. That’s another item off my bucket list indeed! It was one for the books. I will definitely be sharing more about the experience so please bear with me for the delays. Life has a habit of getting in the way. LOL! 😀

Group photo with Maine Mendoza

I may not have had the chance to say hi or talk to her personally, but I did get to join Maine Mendoza during the surprise birthday party thrown by her Solid Maine United fan groups. I still wish I’d get to talk to her some day. 🙂

I’ll be back for more updates soon! Ta-tah! 

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