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I’ve always considered myself to be an arts and crafts person. And yes, I’ve made some personal scrapbooks in the past as well. The loom bands craze has been ongoing for a while now, at least locally, but my interest was not piqued until my tutees made some loom band bracelets for me. I guess you could say I got curious about it. I thought to myself why not try and learn something new this time around?

loom band charm bracelets

I tried learning how to crochet when I was younger, but no one was there to really teach me how. Nowadays, there’s digital technology that one can run to for such learning. So I turned to one place where I knew I would find lots of videos on how to make a loom band bracelet — YouTube! Whoa! I learned that there were too many to choose from. Ha ha ha! Now it’s a matter of choosing from all the videos posted on there. 😀

Well, I wasn’t sure I’d like it so I just initially borrowed my niece’s loom band kit. It’s been lying around for a while and she doesn’t seem to be actively working on any loom bands for now.

Starler loom band, single triple link band

On my first ever attempt, it took me hours to complete one bracelet! It turned out that I chose a more advanced design than one usually starts with. A few trials and errors after and I was all set! Now I can proudly say that I’ve worked on at least a dozen loom band bracelets with different designs. It feels so good to be able to learn something new. I have not only learned how to use the loom band kit, but I’ve also learned how to make charms and bracelets with only a crochet hook!

Starburst loom band, ladder loom band

Well, I’m off to make some more charms for now. Till next update… ta-tah! Be safe everyone!

loom band charms

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