I probably would have missed this movie if my daughter didn’t ask me to watch it with her. I’ve heard of the book, but I didn’t know there’s a movie version till my daughter told me.

It’s an amazing cinematic experience that shouldn’t be missed. Do take your family to watch the film. But younger children might get a little scared in some scenes. There was a child who cried when we were watching. What can I say? Even I got terrified in the parts where the tiger, Richard Parker, almost pounced on Pi.

But most of the ocean scenes are beautiful… from the peaceful and tranquil ocean to the stormy ones. Then there’s Meerkat Island — thousands of them all around! Wow!

It’s a good film, so it’s no wonder that it’s nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards. Now, my daughter plans to read the book as it’s supposed to have more details on the voyage at sea with Pi and his tiger.

Life of Pi


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